Why Proper Sleep and Exercise is Important for Pregnant Women

Usually expecting women should know or rather follow some certain things to get through pregnancy safely; take the right medication; if necessary (see your doctor), eat the right meals and in the right proportions as prescribed by the gynecologist, no harmful substances such as smoking, drugs (unless prescribed by the doctor) or drinking etc.

But the most important things of them are sleep and exercise.

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Proper Sleep

We all know that sleep, for all living things, is one of the basic necessities of life. Basically if you don’t get enough sleep during nighttime you won’t be able to function well; i.e. you’d be tired during the day.

Since sleep is that important to us, it shouldn’t be anything less, if not more, to soon-to-be mothers.

Did you know that the sleep pattern of a pregnant woman influences the growth of her baby?

Pregnant women have to sleep for at least 8 hours per day. The effects of sleep patterns on the unborn child during pregnancy cannot be taken too lightly. Creating a good sleep pattern does not only help physically, but also psychologically.

It plays a key role in the preparation for birth and guards the child from the psychological ordeal and strains of pregnancy. With their bodies running full time to take care of the fetus developing inside, it is important to restore their lost energy with untroubled sleep.

There are some sleeping guidelines pregnant women should follow:

Find the most comfortable mattress

SleepDelivered.com’s review says that the best foam mattress has to have it all; good edge support, advanced foam engineering, budget-friendly and a lifetime warranty. There’s no comfortable way for a pregnant woman to sleep than to sleep on her sides.

Therefore finding that mattress that becomes accustomed to your body curves and eases pressure from your hips is something that can’t be ignored. You realize that you’re sleeping for two; so the more comfortable you are, the easier it becomes to carry your baby.

Get as many pillows as you can

Pillows come in handy when you’re looking for that comfortable spot on your bed and trying to ease up back pains. Here’s a tip: Place a pillow under your belly for great ease and support.

Get very comfortable

This is very essential because a stressful environment can make you cranky. Creating a stress-free environment could either be drowning out noises with some soothing music/sounds, for instance, or a warm cup of milk or tea before you sleep. It could help if you turn this into a routine throughout your pregnancy.

Some effects of lack of sleep in pregnant women are:


The thought of exercising during pregnancy can be dreadful; but exercise is important and should be of low intensity. Regular exercises improve the health status of mother, prepare the muscles for childbirth and baby and decrease the risks of back pain, fatigue and weight gain, and it also makes sleeping and delivery easier.

Examples of low intensity exercises that involve few of the muscles are swimming, walking, yoga and low-intensity work-out such as jumping, high kicks and squats. These exercises should be done with an instructor present, to prevent injuries.

Benefits pregnant women get from exercises

  • Flexibility
  • Strong muscles
  • Shortened labor process
  • Quick recovery after delivery

Consequences of lack of exercise

Lack of exercise during pregnancy:

  • Puts the mother at risk for complications like increased blood pressure
  • Makes it more likely for the mother to gain more weight
  • Makes the mother experience heartburn and digestion problems



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