Health Benefits of a Barbecue

If you think that a barbecue is just for lots of unhealthy food—you’re mistaken. The reality is, barbecuing can be a healthy way to prepare food if you do it right.

In this article, we’re going to look at a few ways to make sure your barbecue works for your health rather than against it.

Many people are surprised when they realise that their barbecue can be healthy but it really can. Make sure you cook the right food in the right way, and it can be a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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Less fat is kept in the cooked food

Think about what happens when you fry something. The fat stays in the food, new fat even gets added by the frying oil! The good thing about a barbecue is that lots of the fat drops through and falls into the fire.

That means those pieces of fatty meat are actually more healthy when cooked on a grill that has space for the fat to drop away from the food. If you’re trying to reduce your fat intake, barbecuing could be for you.

Food retains more nutrients and minerals when grilled

There’s actually been some research to show that important nutrients in both meat and vegetables can be kept more in-tact when grilled compared to other types of cooking.

If you want your food to keep hold of specific nutrients when you cook it, consider your barbecue.

Less butter and lard needed for cooking

Aside from the fat in the meat dripping away as we already looked at, with grilling on a barbecue, you don’t have to use a cooking oil or fat to get the job done.

When you fry, you normally need to add some sort of oil or fat to the pan to stop the food drying out, but barbecues cook clean and grill without the need for extra lubricants.

Consider how many calories are in those cooking oils and fats and realize that with a barbecue, you can do without them.

Barbecuing fits better with a healthy outdoor lifestyle

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If you’re outdoors and active, a barbecue can fit alongside your healthy lifestyle. Especially if you went out and hunted the meat yourself or foraged for vegetables.

One great way to make barbecuing part of your healthy lifestyle is to go out and find the wood yourself. Just make sure you’re allowed to in your local forests, and stick to wood that’s already fallen rather than chopping something that’s still standing.

Tips for healthy barbecuing

Get leaner meats

You can still barbecue meat as part of a healthy lifestyle. Just stick to leaner cuts. And remember, even the fattier ones will be better on a barbecue as some of the fat will drip through the grill.

Grill more fruit and veg

You don’t only have to grill meats on a barbecue. To make them healthier, you could try vegetable kebabs or fruit like melon on the grill.


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