Cutting-edge Smartphone Accessories to Elevate Your Fitness

There was a time, not too long ago, when fitness trackers like Nike+ and the FitBit were viewed as revolutionary technology. But even though these types of wearable are still exciting and continuing to progress, they’re not the only mobile fitness accessories on the scene.

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In fact, there’s a lot of new tech-enabled hardware that can accompany your favorite smartphone and improve your fitness. Here’s just a sampling of some of the coolest accessories coming out to stimulate your mind and body.

Move Your Body, Get Charged

It’s a hassle that most technology lovers dread: running out of battery when you’re away from home and/or your power cords. In our tech-saturated world, this can be a major inconvenience and, until now, seemed to be without suitable solutions.

This is where the AMPY MOVE comes in.

The AMPY MOVE is the world’s first wearable motion-charger. It transforms the kinetic energy that’s created by your body’s movements into battery power for your phone or other wearables.

Not only does it give you extra incentive to get active, but it also can get you out of a bind if one of your devices has a rapidly draining battery. Now that’s a win-win.

Gamify Your Way to Your Best Body

The gaming industry has become enormous, successfully branching into the fitness world with technology like Xbox Kinect and Wii games that encourage player activity. But what about a whole new kind of game, in which your body becomes the joystick? This is exactly what’s on its way, in the form of Stealth, billed as the “very first video game integrated core trainer.”

While still in the midst of fundraising via Kickstarter, Stealth promises a variety of intensity levels and challenging movements that are focused on building core power as well as full body strength. All you do is place your smartphone in the specially designed slot, get yourself into a plank position on the Stealth board and then lose yourself in the newest combination of fun and fitness.

Queen (or King) of Heart

One of the benefits of the wearables mentioned above, like the FitBit and Nike+, is the ability to keep an eye on your heart rate. Whether you’re looking to stay in a specific heart rate zone while working out, or are simply curious about which exercises get your heart pumping the most, having a wearable heart monitor can help in myriad ways.

But, these types of heart monitors are often limited in the information they provide. If you want to tune in to what’s going on with your heart beyond heart rate and calories burned, you might want to look into AliveCor’s Kardia mobile heart monitor.

This extremely small device captures your EKG in only 30 seconds and can alert you about whether or not your heart rate and rhythm are normal. It also lets you record voice memos (to track possible symptoms) and allows you to securely share data with your doctor if you’d like to.

This is best suited for fitness fanatics who have had heart concerns at some point, because it allows you to keep pursuing exercise safely, and with ultimate insight into your heart health.

If you’re looking to elevate your fitness game and enjoy an enriched smartphone experience that helps you reach your goals, think beyond fitness trackers. There is plenty of new technology worth considering and trying. After all, your health and fitness are worth it.


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