5 Tips to Taking Supplements to Heal Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is a devastating condition characterized by severe shooting or burning pain that greatly limits one’s quality of life. It is reportedly on the rise and effective management strategies are critical.

Non-pharmacological management has assumed a key role in alleviating neuropathic pain even in instances where conventional medicine is less effective. Many people are now embracing the use of supplements in the treatment of nerve pain and other chronic aches and pains.

Please note: The FDA categorizes supplements as food and not medications which creates a huge dilemma on regulation and rational use. Like any other exogenous substances, supplement use should be rational to ensure effective results and minimal side effects if any.

For more information on supplements, see: https://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm050803.htm

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Some of the key observations for taking supplements to heal nerve pain include:

Be an informed consumer

To realize full action of supplements in relieving nerve pain, knowledge is vital. An understanding of the mechanism of action and pharmacokinetic properties will enable correct use of supplements and an enhanced probability of pain relief; for example, if you have identified Nerve Renew as the most appropriate supplement to remedy your nerve pain, you should be aware that people taking Nerve Renew report no side effects.

A certified supplement should have a label insert having information about the dietary supplement and elaborate direction on how to use it. However, there are many unscrupulous businesspersons who will put down unverified claims about their products thus it is important that you consult standard references before commencing use.

Timing is crucial

Good timing will ensure quick pain relief without many complications. Some supplements work best on an empty stomach while others work optimally at fed state. Continuous use is recommended in chronic pain while for acute pain immediate use is advocated. Proper timing will also spare you of the mild side effects that may be experienced upon intake of supplement such as drowsiness.

It is, however, important to note that there is no universal ideal time for taking supplements and this is varied and dependent on the particular supplement. Physician’s directions are thus important in guiding your timing.

Only use the appropriate doses

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Overdose can be dangerous while lower doses are not effective. It is essential that you use supplements in the recommended doses because excessive use does not always guarantee better pain modification, in fact, it can be deleterious as they create an imbalance in body nutrient content. Accumulation of nutrients in the body is associated with toxicity and impaired body functions hence it is advisable that one use the minimum effective dose of any supplement. Dose tapering is sometimes done particularly in iron and vitamin supplements.

Establish whether drug or food interactions are possible

Drug interactions are especially important in supplements that induce or inhibit drug metabolizing enzymes. For example, St. John’s wort has been shown to induce cytochrome P450 system thus lowering concentration of some drugs. Concomitant use of drugs and supplements should be considered carefully and if possible get clarification from your doctor.

Monitor progress after use

The efficacy of supplements in curing pain is neither documented nor regulated by the FDA. Although people taking different supplements to heal nerve pains might report positive results, it is only beneficial to use any given supplement if improvement is evident and nerve pain reduction is achieved.


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