Why is good digestion important and how to improve it

Digestion is the process of converting what you eat or drink into the raw materials your body needs to stay alive and be healthy.

Even great food requires digestion to break it down into the pieces that are able to be absorbed into the body.

Consume vegetables, improve digestion; image source: pexels.com

If you don’t digest the food, it merely passes through your digestive system and becomes waste.

Good digestion is important!

The better you digest your food, the more vitamins, nutrients, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates you extract and break down into functional units, and the better you eliminate waste and toxins.

The quality of digestion is very important in maintaining good health. You take the time to buy nutritious food and prepare it, but do you take the time and effort to digest it as well as you could?

How to improve digestion?

Here is a few practical tips on how to improve your digestion.

Cutting food into small pieces, especially meat is the first step. Most of us chew only long enough so we can swallow. Chewing is supposed to do more than make it possible to swallow. It chops and grinds the food into small pieces and breaks open the fibers to mix them with saliva.

Saliva contains an enzyme that starts the chemical process to break down food. Chewing also activates the production of acid and other enzymes in the stomach preparing it for the digestive process. Take the time to chew adequately, and enjoy your food. You should have a bowel movement every day.

Not enough fiber, dehydration, eating processed foods with chemical additives, and foods in the wrong combinations will slow down the digestive process.

Food is not supposed to stay in the digestive tract for long periods of time, it is supposed to move through and be eliminated on a steady, daily basis. When digestion and elimination is slowed, reactions take place within the tract building up toxic products that are harmful to the body.

The average American diet has created a society of people that are constipated. It is not normal to go just a few times a week or less, Make it your goal to have a bowel movement each and every day.

Follow our recommendations for water intake forever, not just while you are losing weight.

Chew your food twice as long as you do now if you do not think you are already chewing appropriately. The extra chewing will help you digest your food and reduce symptoms of heart burn, belching, and indigestion.

Continue eating fruits and vegetables after the diet, they provide the fiber you need. Stay away from processed foods. Exercise is also helpful, regular activity along with the diet changes will make a big difference and will prevent constipation.


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