How to Stay Awake at Night When You’re Tired

Although it’s not healthy, at times in our lives, staying up late is unavoidable no matter how tired you feel. Maybe you’re just trying to adjust your sleep schedule to accommodate your new night shift, or you’re studying for finals.

Also keep in mind that the success of becoming a night owl is relative, and you might occasionally experience the effects of sleep deprivation. Christopher Drake, PhD, a sleep researcher at the Henry Ford Sleep Disorders Center and a behavioral neurosciences professor at Wayne University, says that our bodies are naturally programmed to be alert and awake during the dayand to fall asleep at night.

Every time we sleep during the day and stay up late at night, we are working against how our bodies are programmed. Here are some tips to help you become a night owl (even it’s just for the night, or temporarily).


Tips for staying awake at night when you’re tired

Bank Some Sleep in Advance

If you can plan ahead, try sleeping a little longer before your late night or taking a power nap that day.

Spread Out The Caffeine

Used in the right way, caffeine can be useful when you have to stay up late. But chugging just one caffeinated beverage is never enough for the whole night.

Expose Yourself to Bright Light

There’s a reason casinos are brightly lit—they do that on purpose so that even if it’s 3 a.m., you’re still raring to go at the blackjack table. Bright blue and white light has been proven to be effective in driving sleep away. Light has a significantimpact on the human internal clock—artificial light temporarily tricks the body into thinking that it is daytime.

Keep Yourself Busy

Those who keep busy even when they are sleepy may push the drowsiness away as they are more interested in the task at hand. When you stay occupied, you may not even realize that it’s time to sleep.

Chew Gum

The action of chewing may help keep you awake.A study from Coventry University suggested mint gum is best.

How to stay awake to study

Find A Study Buddy

Make plans in advance with a fellow night owl so you can study together and challenge each other. With a study partner, you can discuss what you have learned and keep yourself more engaged that way. Plus, your friend can poke you every time you nod off!

Do Away With All Distractions

Switch off your cell phone unless you need it as a dictionary or calculator. Log out of social media throughout your study session. Have a classical playlist ready to play on loop so you’re not constantly updating it.

Give these tips a try to stay awake even when you’re tired and see which of them works best for you.

How to stay awake while on a night shift

Snack on Complex Carbohydrates And Proteins

For sustainable energy, avoid candy or other simple sugars since they provide a temporary spike that drops suddenly. Foods with protein like peanut butter, yogurt, or hard boiled eggsare better choices when you’re trying to stay up. You should also avoid heavy foods like pasta because they can make you sleepy. Snack a little all through the night, instead of having one big meal to not only to help keep sleep at bay, but to avoid that energy crash.

Drink Lots of Water And a Little Coffee

Spread out your coffee intake. Otherwise, you might get jittery and lose your focus. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, because hydration aids in maintaining concentration.

Try a Nutritional Supplement

There are lots of natural supplements on the market that can help you feel more energetic. Rhodiolarosea is an adaptogen. This adaptogen isthought to reduce fatigue while increasing focus, stamina, endurance, and attention. Rhodiolarosea is available as a supplement. Vitamin B-12 is another great supporter of energy—it is required for energy metabolism.

The best natural sources of vitamin B-12 include red meat, mussels, clams, and dairy products, but you can also buy B-12 supplements. Goji Berry Extract (sometimes called wolfberry) is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that may help boost your immune system, give you more energy, and lessen the impact of fatigue.While you can take any of the above on their own, you might consider taking a supplement that includes a mix of them. RECHARGE HEALTH™ centered energy is a supplement made from Rhodiolarosea, vitamin B-12, goji berries, and also CoQ10.

This formulation of natural energy-supporting ingredients is from whole foods, is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free,and is made in America from ingredients sourced from around the world. Be sure totalk to your healthcare provider before you start taking any supplement.

Walk Around

Every 50 minutes, get up and walk around. This givesyou an occasional break to keep you more alert. If you’re working from a computer screen, try looking away from the computer and blinking a few times to relax your eyes.



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