10 Compelling Motives To Pursue A Nursing Career

Choosing a career path can be understandably tricky; there are so many options worth considering, and you’ll have to think about everything each has to offer you in terms of job satisfaction, annual average income, education requirements, and several other factors.

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But with that said, there’s no doubt that the vast majority of students who feel drawn to the medical sector will function well in the fast-paced environments of the industry. However, even within the medical industry, there are so many career paths to consider. We’ve listed ten of the most compelling motives to choose this career path if you’re thinking about nursing.

Numerous Accessible Education Options

There’s a lot of learning and training involved in most medical careers. While nursing is no different, the education and training options are pretty accessible compared to other career options in this industry.

While you can complete your Associate of Science in Nursing or your Bachelors of Science in Nursing, you can also find an online MSN-FNP program from Wilkes University to practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner. So, you can opt for the flexibility that online learning offers and choose from various nursing qualifications.

An In-Demand Occupation

There are different types of nurses, but even so, the expected industry growth for this field is steady; nursing will always be an in-demand career choice.

Because it’s imperative to consider industry growth when choosing a career, as the rise of the digital era is consuming many jobs and entire industries in its wake, countless types of jobs that were in demand a decade ago will no longer exist a decade from now.

Fortunately, when choosing any career path in nursing, you can rest assured that your skills, qualifications, and experience will always be needed, and you will never find yourself struggling to secure a job.

A Rewarding Job

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Working as a nurse is quite a demanding job, although most nurses find their jobs undoubtedly gratifying; healthcare workers all share the trait of wanting to make the world a better place, and they achieve this by helping others.

As a nurse, you will be at the core of many healthcare functions, and so, you will make a massive difference to the world.

An Active And Fast-Paced Environment

Not everyone finds the idea of a desk job exciting, and if you find the concept of working a regular office job mundane, then you’ll be happy to know that nursing the definitely the furthest thing from your typical desk job.

You’ll be on your feet and active during your shifts, and your days will always be filled with challenges and rewards.

Career Growth Opportunities

Not only will you always be learning new things while working as a nurse, but you will also have the option to advance your career along the way.

While you will need to attend nursing school to obtain your entry-level qualification and pass your licensing exam, you will still have the opportunity to further your education and eventually get your MSN or Doctors of Nursing and other qualifications.

As a result, nursing is definitely not a dead-end job; you can be a travel nurse, a mental health nurse practitioner, a labor and delivery nurse, or even a nurse educator.

The Opportunity To Specialize

Nurses can specialize in various fields, from emergency rooms to psychiatric facilities; you can narrow your career path to specialize in one particular area and boost your earnings at the same time.

Just as doctors can decide to specialize in one specific area of health, nurses have the same opportunity.

Work Schedule Flexibility

Even though you might assume that all nurses work long hours and have very little time off, this depends entirely on where you work. However, you will have the option of choosing shifts that suit you best. For example, you can work evening shifts if you aren’t fond of mornings.

But at the same time, even if traditional work schedules appeal to you more, you can opt for nursing positions that require similar working hours, such as some clinics or physician’s offices.

Lucrative Income

There is currently a staggering nurse shortage, and the increase in demand for these professionals directly impacts the average annual salary. As a result, nurses get paid pretty well; you can earn over $100,000 per annum when you start practicing as a registered nurse.

And it doesn’t stop there either; industry growth predictions paired with already high demand means that we can expect nurses to get paid even more soon. Beyond that, you can also grow your income with experience or by furthering your education.

A Well-Respected Profession

Beyond the great pay and massive demand for these professionals, nurses are also well-respected in the healthcare industry and, of course, to the general public.

Nurses save lives, just as doctors and surgeons do. They are essential practitioners that function at the core of most medical procedures and treatments. Without nurses, doctors and surgeons would not be able to cope alone.

Fulfill A Passion

The most compelling motive to pursue a career in nursing is to fulfill your passion. If you are among the select few that have an inherent desire to change the world by helping others, then the medical sector is definitely the right industry for you.

Choosing this career path is considered a heroic pursuit to most, and while you should start your journey by obtaining relevant qualifications in nursing, you don’t always have to go to college to become a nurse.

If you can’t start by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing for any reason, you must partake in extensive training and pass your licensing exam to start serving as a nurse. Because there really is more than one way to become a nurse, and there are so many nursing careers worth considering, nursing is an excellent field of choice.

With that said, if you still aren’t entirely settled on a decision, you can take an online aptitude test to determine which career fields are most suitable for you.



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