The Benefits of Living in a Nursing Home

The decision to move into a nursing home is a big one for many senior citizens, but it can also be the right one because of all the benefits that living in a nursing home gives them.

Many people are understandably reluctant to give up their independence, but that is not what nursing homes are about. The residents of nursing homes get to keep their independence, they just have a lot of people there to help them and they are surrounded by other people in their age group who can relate to them.

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Of course, there are terrible stories of abuse in nursing homes, but that is the exception rather than the norm. Most nursing homes are run by people who have the best interests of the residents in mind and will do all that they can to take care of them and make them feel comfortable. However, if a resident or the family of a resident learns of nursing home abuse and they live in Chicago, then they should contact nursing home abuse lawyer Rooth to help them. He can help the resident get compensation for the losses they suffered and will hold the facility responsible so that they do not perpetrate that abuse on others in the future.

Benefits of a Nursing Home

The benefits that a nursing home can offer to its residents are many and varied, and they all help to make the life of the resident easier and more pleasant since they have earned the right to those comforts.

Help With Daily Tasks

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Not all senior citizens need help with tasks like housekeeping, doing the laundry, running errands, and so on, but even if they do not need help, the assistance can be useful and can make those tasks a lot easier. And of course, the seniors who do need help with those tasks will appreciate the fact that someone else will perform them on their behalf.

Help With Their Personal Care

Some seniors need help with basic activities like cleaning themselves, eating, dressing, and so forth. The staff of a nursing home can help them with those needs in a sensitive and efficient manner that helps the resident more easily enjoy their life.

Meal Services

Like everyone, seniors need healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals in order to stay healthy. At a nursing home, they will be able to get those meals without worrying about preparing them. Nursing homes will prepare and serve healthy, nutritious meals for their residents on a regular basis. They will also make sure that there is a lot of variety in the types of meals so that residents do not get bored of the meal options available.

Social Interaction

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Seniors who live alone can suffer from loneliness and isolation, especially if their loved ones are unable to visit them on a regular basis. At a nursing home, they will be around other seniors who they can speak and relate to, which provides them with vital social interaction. They can become friends with the staff members as well, and of course, their family can visit them as well.

Health Care Services

Many residents will need help with their health care and a nursing home can help them with those services. From the administering of medication, to regular exercise, and more, the staff of a nursing home are well trained to help the residents with their health care services. And if an emergency arises, then they can help with that as well, and if they cannot, then they can transport the resident to a facility that will give them the help they need.

A nursing home can give their residents all of these benefits and more. But if a resident is unfortunate enough to live in a nursing home where abuse takes place, then they or their family should contact the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Nursing Home Hotline at 1 800 252 4343 and then contact the Rooth Law Firm.


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