Top 10 Reasons Why You May Need Family Counseling

Each family has its problems and issues that require comprehensive handling. Although finding the time to consult with a family therapist can be difficult, it can help prevent conflicts and unwanted crisis.

There are various reasons why you should consider family counseling and the benefit it could provide to all family members, some of which you can read about in this article from ReGain.

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Better communication

Sometimes it is difficult for people to be open with each other, which can cause distance and disconnection between the members. Talking about this can lead to improved communication and better understanding within the family.

Strengthen the relationships

This is especially important during the adolescent years of the children, when they feel jealous of each other or fight for parent’s attention. Family therapist can help the parents in understanding the children, but also bring the children closer to each other by sharing common everyday things.

Increase happiness

By spending time together family members learn to appreciate the family they have. It makes them realize the importance of good communication and feelings of satisfaction and happiness in the family life. Family counseling may not solve all problems, but will give family members new skills to handle difficult situations, that will lead to happier family life.

Conflicts between family members

People with different personalities are part of the same family that may lead to conflicts. Family therapy can help in understanding the root of the problems, and will provide guidelines on what should be done for the issue to be resolved without anyone to be blamed.


Many couples fall apart because of physical or emotional infidelity. The feeling of betrayal can be overcome with family counseling. This can also teach the cheated spouse to forgive, to get through the feelings of resentment and anger, and also to understand why the infidelity happened in the first place.

Considering separation or divorce

This is a difficult time both for the spouses and the children. However, talking to a family counselor can help spouses identify what is bothering them in the marriage and give direction on how to fix the problem. This can save the family or even make it stronger. However, if the spouses decide to proceed with the divorce, family counseling can advise all family members on how to deal with the new situation and overcome it.

Mental and physical health

Fast way of life, stress at work, poor work-life balance and little time to relax are just some of the reasons why people are unhappy today. For a happy and healthy family life it is important to remove work related-issues and spend quality time with the family. Talking about this with a counselor can help increasing the harmony at home.

After a tragic event

People react differently to tragic events and cope with their grief and losses individually. This can cause feelings of disconnection and also distance family members from each other while they learn how to adapt to the new reality.

Mental or physical disability

Taking care of a disabled person, either mentally or physically, has a high price on the rest of the family members. Due to the disability, this person will require more care that can cause dissatisfaction for the rest of the family. A family counselor can help the family members understand the importance of integrating this person as an equal family member, and to learn to appreciate his/her input in the lives of everyone involved.

Substance abuse

Addiction, alcoholism or enjoying drugs can cause problems in family life and can also lead to violent behavior. Sharing such experience with a family counselor can help the family members to learn how to support each other and fight the addiction together.

Family counseling can be beneficial for the members, but it takes courage to make the decision to try it. How often you meet with the counselor and the length of the counseling depend on each family and their specific issues. Family counseling can help in recognizing signs of triggers and conflicts within the family. This can help to see the arising problem on time and deal with it appropriately.


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