Top Ten Beauty Tips

Anything you see in this list is both affordable and easily accessible through most retail stores or any online beauty store.

1. Moisturize Often

It’s very important to keep your skin and hair fresh in the face of the elements. To do this, you need moisturizer.

It’s technically outside the realm of makeup, but realistically can’t be ignored unless you want to deteriorate your skin and hair slowly.

2. Use Quality Protectants

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The sooner you start using skin protectants, the better. If you want to look younger for longer, you have to put in the effort and acquire some quality protectants for both the skin and the hair.

This can come in the form of sunscreen, foundation, hats, or as ridiculous as it might sound, parasols and umbrellas.

3. Pick Multiple All Purpose Oils

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Natural oils are actually some of the most potent and effective cosmetics you can have. We recommend coconut for its versatility. Anything else that has high retinol and moisturizing content works wonders.

4. Pick The Right Perfume

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Arguably the most important item on this list, you can go completely natural or bare on makeup if you decide you want to, but you always want to smell great.

Scent often transcends looks, as it’s a whole different sense and demands due consideration.

5. Have A Multi-Purpose Wardrobe

Don’t have so many clothes that you make everybody wait 30 minutes to pick something mundane or specialized. Replace what you don’t wear with what you need: great looking clothes that look good across a range of scenarios.

And if you happen to be running on a tight schedule, you’ll always have something readily available that will make you look amazing.

Notice we didn’t say to pare down your shoe collection, did we?

6. Have A Go-To Lipstick Or Lip Balm

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If for no other reason, do this for convenience. Having a lipstick that you can apply under any situation and still look fresh and beautiful will go a long way. Plus, whatever the situation is, it’s easy to have on you.

7. Have A Go-To Toner

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Toner will make you look good. Put on some toner and tone your tone away. Tone tone tone. Having a toner that can fit with you at any given point will give you the shine you need to spruce up any event or encounter.

8. Treat Your Hair Right

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Your hair is a significant part of you, so you should take care of it. Wash it well and take the proper steps to make it shine so you don’t look like a banshee.

9. Take Care Of Your Health

Your health will always be one of the primary factors in your appearance.. If you eat fast food constantly or you drink a river of coffee to make up for the sleep your missing with your partying lifestyle, the consequences are going to show.

And it’s not just weight we are referring to: it’s wrinkles, skin tone, degradation of skin, hair, and teeth quality.

10. Dental Hygiene

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Your smile is what’s going to give you an edge against the competition, so treat it with reverence and respect. Good dental hygiene wont put you on the map, it’ll put you on the globe. We recommend listening to your mother and brush and floss regularly.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to try an over-the-counter teeth whitener.

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