Is CBD Genuinely A Marvel In Medicine?

Please note: the use of cannabis for medial or recreational purposes may be illegal in your country. does not encourage the use of this substance.

Ever since the legalities surrounding the use of cannabis have changed there has been an ongoing debate about the plant. Could it be yet another frenzied media scam or could the compounds found in this supposedly magical plant really be beneficial for several health conditions as claimed?

Recently, cannabis connoisseurs have been advocating the numerous benefits associated with the plant; however, the incredible therapeutic benefits of smoking THC rich strands and the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving CBD oil benefits have been confusing the masses.

While the ongoing advocacy for the plant has misled many into believing that any strand that is rich in either compound will provide endless benefits is untrue, here are the facts.

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When separating the facts from the fiction it is vital to ensure you are assessing the correct components of the plant. Because THC and CBD are both properties of the cannabis plant, although, they have very different benefits you should initially ensure you are using the correct strands.

While THC will surely provide smokers and consumers with a pleasant “high” that would essentially be able to calm anxiety and potentially aid depression, CBD is far more appropriate for managing pain and inflammation. What’s more, CBD is completely unable to have any effects on the user’s state of mind, unlike THC.

Treating Arthritis, Cancer, And Other Conditions

Unless you are hoping to reach the ultimate level of relaxation you should probably avoid the hallucinogenic properties found in THC rich cannabis. Treating health conditions that cause painful inflammation such as arthritis suggests that you should rather opt for the healing benefits associated with CBD.

Using topical creams and oils as an application to manage even chronic pain will likely provide positive results considering the benefits have been monitored in several clinical studies.

Rather than risk unpleasant side effects associated with commercial pain and inflammation medications, CBD oil alternatives would be a safer solution. There are absolutely no habit-forming properties found in cannabis either, which means the natural solution for pain management should be a top option for chronic pain.

THC Benefits

Even though THC products will not be able to treat physical health conditions, it is perfectly suitable for those battling with depression, stress, and anxiety.

In addition to this, the therapeutic benefits have recently been noted as ideal for creative individuals suffering from creative blocks. While artistic blocks may not be a health benefit, countless creatives have been taking advantage of this benefit for decades. Therefore, even the recreational use of THC can provide fantastic benefits that no commercial medication has proven capable of just yet.

Quality Is Crucial

Previously, cannabis consumers were unable to use high-quality strains of the plant as legal restrictions made this understandably challenging.

When taking into account that the quality and density of the strain you are consuming will logically have a direct impact on the level of benefits you are able to enjoy, you should always opt for reputable retailers that boast only the highest quality strains of cannabis.



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