Brazilian Booty Lift in Sydney’s Hottest Clinic

A Brazilian booty is not as hard to come by as you might think. The best BBL surgeon in Sydney is actually highly accessible. The Brazilian booty lift (BBL) has become popular in recent years as the more voluptuous shape of a woman has become more desirable.

It’s as if fashion has gone back in time to recapture a time when a more rotund figure was not only desirable but celebrated.

Sir Peter Paul Rubens painted hundreds of “healthy” women that were anything but skinny in the 1500s. Now, not only are those portraits sold for millions of dollars and hung upon art gallery walls. The curvy woman is now all the rage again.

The Fashion: a Curvalicious Body

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Gone are the days of “twiggy” and anorexic supermodels, and the contours of a woman’s body, even when fit can be developed further with a butt augmentation surgery. Why has this particular surgery become almost as popular as liposuction or even a boob job? It is largely due to popular culture.

Shapely women in rap videos and on Instagram are taking the world by storm. One of Google’s biggest trending topics in the U.S. for example, is the Kardashians – all three of whom have large butts and full bosoms, but they aren’t the only celebrities making a big butt beautiful.

Nicki Minaj, in her video Anaconda, makes a big butt something for both women and men alike to lust after, and hundreds of Instagram celebs make a bodacious booty something many young women want to emulate.

How Do You Get a Bigger Booty?

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Here’s the catch. You can do a thousand squats to try to get a big, round booty, but depending upon your body type, even dedication in the gym may not net the results you want. A big booty is a combination of fat and muscle, but it also means that the rest of your body is shapely, and often fit.

Rubenesque women tended to be round everywhere, not just in their hips, butts, and breasts. The ‘new’ curvy woman has a small waist, toned arms, shapely, fit legs, and the curves to go with it. This is a very rare type of body type that doesn’t often happen without a very particular set of genes. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a shape that you desire, though.

The BBL uses your own fat, but takes it from places that you don’t want it and puts it where you do – in your butt and hips. It is a form of surgical body sculpting that is growing in acceptance, and popularity, as women are deciding how they want to look, and going for it.

While you can certainly make your rear-view more appealing by doing squats, lunges, donkey kicks, kickboxing, stair-climbing, and other exercises, you will only be shaping the musculature beneath the fat layer of your buttocks. For a truly bodacious booty, you may want to consider a BBL. The procedure takes a few hours, and recovery lasts about a month from start to finish.

Skilled surgeons in Sydney can also go over every detail of the surgery with you so that you can make an informed decision. It’s your body. You can make it as beautiful as you want to – whether that’s with thousands of trips to the gym, a little cosmetic surgery, or both.

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