Why Are Liquid Supplements Important To Your Health

For people who can’t maintain a well-balanced diet, supplements can be a godsend. This pill contains vitamins and minerals that are required by the body to function properly.

Regardless of how beneficial and convenient pills are, not everyone can swallow it. Children, people with certain illnesses, and those who have dry mouth experience difficulty in swallowing solid medicine.

Fortunately, liquid supplements can be a great alternative to supplements that come in pill or tablet form. Liquid supplements, such as those available from tropicaloasis.com, are packed with the same vitamins and minerals as traditional supplements but won’t cause the user to choke or gag.

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Aside from the form, here are other reasons why liquid supplements are important to your health:

Better Absorption Rate

In its simplest sense, the absorption rate refers to the amount of time the body fully absorbs the vitamins and minerals from any supplements. The faster the absorption rate is, the quicker your body can enjoy all of the medicinal properties of the supplement.

Between traditional pills and liquid supplements, the latter has a better absorption rate. When you take traditional pills, your body will need to exert effort to break it before your body can absorb its vitamins and minerals. According to a study, it takes around 20 to 30 minutes for traditional pills to break down. This period still doesn’t include the body’s process of absorbing the vitamins and minerals inside the pill.

Aside from this, the body only utilizes around 39 – 53% medicinal properties from traditional pills. This was supported by a study conducted by the National Advisory Board. During an experiment, it was concluded that a pill of 100 mg only translated to 8.3 mg in the body.

Liquid supplements, on the other hand, don’t require any extraction from the body. Because it’s already in liquid form, the body immediately absorbs its medicinal properties once ingested. In fact, liquid supplements only take about 1 to 4 minutes to be absorbed by the body.

Unlike traditional pills, the body also uses about 98% liquid extracts from the liquid supplements. Thus, liquid supplements have faster absorption and higher optimization rates, making it a better option than traditional pills.

Suitable For People Suffering from Dysphagia

Contrary to popular belief, the inability of a person to swallow solid medicines doesn’t only happen because they’re picky or selective. In fact, swallowing difficulties are caused by a medical condition known as dysphagia. This medical condition is caused by muscle or nerve problems, and requires a person to exert more effort to move food from the mouth to their stomach.

Depending on the severity, people who have dysphagia experience difficulties in swallowing solid foods while others can’t swallow at all. Once untreated for a long period, dysphagia can lead to excessive weight loss and poor nutrition.

Older adults are at risk of developing dysphagia. Age-related diseases like Parkinson’s Disease can also cause dysphagia.

Since it’s easier to swallow, liquid supplements can help older adults and those who are suffering from dysphagia become healthy. Supplements are vital for seniors because it compensates the vitamins and minerals that their bodies can no longer produce. Supplements can also protect their bodies from illnesses and keep their minds sharp.

With the right dosage and content, taking liquid supplements can help seniors become mentally and physically healthy!


Achieving optimal health requires a long-term commitment. Eating well and engaging in physical activities shouldn’t be done for a couple of weeks only. These practices should become your lifestyle. The same notion applies to the consumption of supplements.

Regardless of how expensive or healthy your supplements are, if you’re only going to take it for a week, don’t expect that your body will immediately become healthy. Bacteria and viruses are present all around you, and discontinuing the use of supplements will make your body susceptible to all of these.

If you’re looking for an easier and cheaper way of taking care of your health for the long-term, use liquid supplements. Liquid supplements are an economical choice because almost all of its medicinal properties are absorbed by the body quickly, as mentioned above. If your doctor requires you to consume 100 mg of magnesium, for example, you’ll likely have to buy more pieces of pills to ensure that your body absorbs this amount of nutrients. More pills mean more costs.

Ask For Professional Advice

If you think that liquid medicines are perfect for you, consult your doctor before taking any. Liquid supplements are intended to compensate for a user’s poor diet, but taking excessive amounts of vitamins can also lead to side effects.

Ask recommendations from your doctor on what liquid supplement is best for you to ensure that you’ll end up using one that can improve your health, not damage it.


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