5 Steps to Getting the Most Out of a Massage

Everyday life can take a toll on your body, and you can start to feel tense, achy, and uncomfortable in your daily tasks. It’s at this point that you may consider a massage for the first time, especially if you’ve been told that it may be able to help.

However, if you’ve never had one before, you may not know what to expect or how to maximize your experience. Follow some of the steps below, and you may enjoy a rewarding massage session.

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Step 1: Don’t Eat Before Your Massage

After you search for ‘massage Bowral’ online to book the perfect massage therapist for your needs, make sure you don’t eat a large meal before your appointment. Some massages require intense pressure, and this may make you feel uncomfortable as force is applied to your back while lying on your stomach

However, arriving on an empty stomach may also not be in your best interest. Massage can stimulate your digestive system, while the relaxation you experience may lower your blood sugar level. Consider taking a healthy, light snack and bottle of water to your appointment to consume after.

Step 2: Arrive On Time or Early

When you’re rushing to get to an appointment on time, it’s only natural to feel stressed and anxious. If you arrive feeling this way to a massage appointment, you may find it harder to relax once your massage begins. Allow yourself time to get to your appointment so that you can de-stress in the waiting area before your session.

Step 3: Communicate Your Needs

Massage therapists provide a wide range of services to suit your needs, but they don’t know which services to offer unless you tell them. At the start of your appointment, or even before it, communicate what you need.

You might have stiffness or discomfort to alleviate, or you might be experiencing muscle or joint pain from exercise. Communicate your needs, and you may stand a better chance of seeing your expected results.

It’s also essential to communicate when you don’t like something about your experience. For example, a specific oil may not feel comfortable on your skin, or you might find music and external noises distracting. You may be able to maximize your massage experience by telling your massage therapist what you need to feel relaxed.

Step 4: Relax Your Muscles

When you’re feeling sore and uncomfortable before a massage, getting touched in those areas can be quite painful, causing you to contract your muscles. Try your hardest to relax during your massage appointment to ensure your therapist can provide some relief.

Let your massage therapist know if you start hardening or contracting your muscles. They may be able to adjust their technique or be gentler in specific areas to alleviate some of your discomforts.

Step 5: Schedule Regular Appointments

One massage appointment may make you feel significantly better than you did, but your body may benefit from regular massages over time. When you visit your massage therapist, consider booking another appointment while you’re there to potentially enjoy cumulative therapeutic effects. Your chosen therapist may have a timeframe recommendation.

Whether you’ve never had a massage before or had several, the goal is to get as much as possible out of your appointment. Consider focusing on these steps above to enjoy the most rewarding massage experience.



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