7 Steps to Start a Fitness Journey on Instagram

Most people have taken Instagram as a platform to document their fitness progress. We usually see a lot before and after pictures of many Instagram users trying to show us the progress they have made over time.

The comments and reactions of these posts tend to encourage most people to keep doing what they are doing.

So, how exactly do you start a fitness journey on Instagram? Do you have to first shed off that weight then begin posting pictures looking trim and fit?

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Here are some of the steps from Quantum Marketer you can take to start this journey.

Have an Instagram Account

If you already have an Instagram account, you are a step ahead. What is remaining now is to start changing the content of your profile and start posting content related to exercise and fitness.

If you want, you can create a new account just for this purpose, then leave the other one for your personal stuff. If you do not have an Instagram account, then go ahead and create one. Start with a bio that depicts health and fitness and has a fitness theme. In this case, you can just run a personal account.

Have an Attractive Bio

Since you have already identified the purpose of your account, start by creating an attractive bio that shows what your account is all about. Ensure that you have a nice and clear profile picture.

Have a clear profile description, detailing what your account is all about, and what you intend to achieve. Such details will help you connect with other fitness enthusiasts and even join a fitness community. It is this community that will motivate you to push through.

Post Content

At first, you will start by posting recent photos of your current fitness status. These are the before photos that will come in handy once you start noticing progress. Have a schedule on when you should post images in the course of your fitness program. You should ensure that you post on a regular basis to see the little gains that you will be making day by day.

Take selfies in the gym or ask your training partner to take pictures of you trying out new exercises or machines. You should also take videos that you can later watch to see if you are doing the exercises in the right form. You can start posting this content to try and gain a following that will push you forward.

Check Comments and Suggestions

Your fitness journey on Instagram will involve most of your followers. Since you want to make positive gains, check the comments and suggestions from your followers and engage them in discussions.

You will find followers giving you new ideas to improve your work out, others will comment on your form while others will keep encouraging you by liking your photos. Put all these into consideration and take up the most useful for your fitness journey.

Invite Family and Friends

Family and friends should be your first fans when you start your fitness journey. Send them messages asking them to check up your account and support you. Family and friends play a crucial role in motivating you to move on.

Follow Other Fitness Enthusiasts

Check out other fitness accounts and identify those that you share the same passion with. They do not necessarily have to be fitness gurus. You can follow pages of individuals that are on the same path as you.

You will be motivating each other and pushing each other to maintain your progress. You can also follow those that are advanced in their fitness life. This category encourages and advice you on what you should continue doing to reach their levels.

Use Instagram Stories

Do not forget to use Instagram stories as they are a great way of engaging with your audience. These stories are the first items that users interact with when they log in into their accounts.

Ensure your post your daily fitness activities but do not overwhelm your followers with a lot of posts. Two to four posts are enough or simply a small clip. You will get a lot of response from this than you would from your regular posts.


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