Dermal Fillers: Are these Benefits Worth It?

Nobody really wants to look old. It’s just that some people are more willing to take action in preventing it than others.

The real question is, what measures should you be taking, rather than whether to do anything about it or not. Dermal fillers are both popular and effective against wrinkles, furrows, and lines, but are the following benefits enough to justify the expense?

Take a closer look at the benefits and decide for yourself.

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Instant Results

“Instant results” is often used in the skin treatment industry to wrongly indicate “fast results,” but that is not the situation with dermal fillers at all. The effects of a filler injection can be seen immediately after and it stays that way for at least 6 – 8 months, or even up to a year or more, depending on the particular session, product, and the individual’s physical structure.

Touchups are recommended every six months or so to keep yourself looking young, glowing, and fresh throughout the year.

No Recovery Time is Necessary

While dermal fillers are injectables, the candidate experiences zero downtime because no recovery period is necessary. The results are instant, and the lack of recovery time means that you can go out in public and meet people right after the procedure, which is nothing short of amazing because no one really has enough time to sit at home and recuperate for days.

However, it is advised that you take just a few hours break after the procedure because that’s how long it takes for the needle marks and redness to disappear from the points of entry.

Natural Fillers Can Even Benefit the Skin

Using a natural dermal filler such as hyaluronic acid is not only extremely effective against wrinkles, lines, and cheek depressions, they actually benefit the skin and help it heal because hyaluronic acid is found in our skins naturally.

In other words, natural dermal fillers don’t feel strange, uncomfortable or odd under the skin because the body recognizes it as a natural compound.

They Can Help Fade Some Scars Too

Acne may not sound like a big problem, but it can potentially ruin people’s faces with scars. While dermal fillers may not be able to remove all scars, it is possible to minimize the appearance of certain unsightly scars with their help, especially those caused by acne.

Do talk to your dermatologist in the clinic first to know whether that is indeed possible in your case or not.

Is there Anything Else You Need to Know?

The only other thing to really keep in mind is that you need to go to an authentic clinic like Spa MD for the consultation and procedure, rather than just heading over to the cheapest clinic around.

After all, a dermal filler is an invasive treatment and if you are going to put something under your skin, it only makes sense to go with the best products and professionals available near you.


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