Clean Wellness Tips You Can Use at Home

With so many people getting sick right now, it is the perfect time to work on improving your lifestyle.

Being healthier does not have to be spending hours at the gym or local health food store. There are actually several great ways you can improve your wellness without having to leave the house.

Here are a few simple tips you can use to move towards clean living.

Make a Habit of Meditating Before and After Bed

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Meditation can be a great way to give your mind a shower, refreshing it and cleansing negative emotions. According to 2018 research from Harvard, one of the most effective forms of meditation is mindfulness exercises. These involve sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing or heartbeat.

When a thought floats through your mind, gently let them go instead of trying to examine or focus on the thoughts. Just five minutes of doing this when you wake up can prepare you for the day, and five minutes before bed can help you unwind.

Stream an At-Home Workout

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With so many gyms closing right now, it can be tempting to skip your workout. However, it is important to stay active when you spend a lot of time inside. An easy and fun solution for this problem is streaming a workout at home. There are all sorts of choices, from simple YouTube channels that walk you through yoga to intense exercise classes on popular streaming websites.

Pick an aerobics, cardio, or weightlifting course that looks fun, and give it a try at home. Even if it does not feel as intense as a gym class, the convenience of doing it at home means you end up working out more often.

Freshen Up Your Air With Cleansing Plants

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Did you know indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, thanks to off-gassing from furniture and other household materials? Improve your indoor air quality with plants that trap toxins and release fresh oxygen. NASA research on cleansing air in space with plants found that peace lily, dracaena, English ivy, snake plants, bamboo, spider plants, Boston fern, and dwarf palm were all particularly good at cleansing the air.

Snake plants, also called sansevieria or mother in law’s tongue, are a particularly great choice for the modern home owner, since they can survive in low light and just need to be watered a couple times a month.

Clean Up Your Diet

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When shopping for groceries, take a little time to research what you eat. Even products with labels claiming to be healthy or all-natural may have excessive amounts of sugar, dangerous chemicals, or other harmful ingredients. Therefore, it is important to actually look closely at what the ingredient list says. Avoid things that contain chemicals you cannot pronounce and ingredients you do not recognize.

When you want a little extra boost from supplements to help get you through a workout or the day, make sure you pick clean pre workouts, vitamins, and energy drinks. Since these nutritional supplements are so concentrated, it is especially important you pick clean options.

Switch to Cleaner Beauty Products and Toiletries

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The things you put on your skin each day can have a huge impact on your health. Whenever possible, select items that just contain simple, all natural ingredients instead of ones with long lists of chemicals You might be surprised to find that basic ingredients like beeswax, rose oil, activated charcoal, and coconut oil work just as well as synthetic chemicals.

In fact, your skin can get clearer and softer when you switch to cleaner products. To get the mental benefits that come from knowing you are kind to the earth, also check products for animal testing, micro plastic beads, or other potential environmental issues.

As you can see, clean living starts at home. With just a few basic changes to your lifestyle, you can improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.


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