7 Skincare Trends To Look Out For This 2022

Now that 2021 is coming to a close, 2022 is filled with promising and innovative skincare trends that enthusiasts and consumers will probably be excited about. As the expectations in the beauty industry and consumer behavior are constantly evolving, skincare companies are also looking for ways to keep up with these ever-changing standards.

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The past years have also been filled with new self-care routines that consumers found intriguing and most of the time, effective. Consumers swore by specific trends that changed their lives and boosted their confidence. As more people began taking care of themselves in the form of skincare, trend predictions are also sought for by new or seasoned skincare enthusiasts.

If you’re interested in reinventing your skincare routine, here are some trends that will most likely make their way through 2022:

  1. Modern Facial Treatments

While DIY facial treatments have been very popular in the past years, having them performed by professionals will never run out of style. There are certain skin issues that may only be addressed by a team of surgeons and estheticians from clinics such as https://lumenlasercenter.com.

These clinics may provide services such as microdermabrasion, laser skin treatments, microneedling, chemical peels, and many more. In 2022, people are expected to treat facial treatment as a necessity, rather than a luxury. Getting consistent facial treatments will help slow down signs of aging, enhance the elasticity of the skin, and provide it with a healthy glow, among others.

  1. SPF-Heavy Products

An outpour of skincare products with high SPF (sun protection factor) will somehow compel consumers to buy one for themselves. This is also because sunscreens and SPF products are known to be highly effective in reversing signs of aging. Aside from this known benefit, sunscreen may also prevent skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, skin inflammation, and sunburn. Social media also promotes these benefits, and who wouldn’t want to try an all-in-one product that may resolve and prevent major skin problems?

As the world is slowly going back to the hustle and bustle of the outdoors and daily commute, people will need all the extra protection they can get. More brands will manufacture more skincare products with SPF and persuade more people into incorporating this holy grail into their daytime routine.

  1. The Use Of Peptides

Peptides are present in most anti-aging skincare products among different brands. This particular ingredient is made up of amino acids that can penetrate the skin, which is contrary to larger protein molecules. The main goal of peptides is to increase collagen production.

From serums, ampoules, moisturizers, to supplements, peptides are now considered a vital ingredient of various skincare products. Aside from increasing collagen production, peptides can also smooth fine lines, promote firmness of the skin, and prevent inflammation.

Peptides are reported to be more effective in serum form, or products that stay on the skin (rather than ones that are rinsed off). They may also work well with skincare products that contain hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

  1. Caffeine-Based Skincare Products

A cup of joe may not only boost your mood but also your skin. Caffeine is incorporated into several skin care products in the market. You’re probably wondering—how does caffeine work wonders for the skin? It has been claimed to constrict blood vessels, which in turn, minimizes puffiness and inflammation.

Caffeine skincare may be sold in the form of pastes, scrubs, and masks from fresh coffee grounds. Other purported benefits of adding this ingredient to your skincare routine include reduction of dark circles, calming and anti-aging effects, and acne treatment.

  1. Natural And Sustainable Skincare

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There has been an increased awareness among consumers that environmental destruction and degradation exist because of high-impact and harmful human activities. Thus, the beauty industry has also been making progress in ensuring that their products won’t harm the environment nor leave a carbon footprint. More companies are shifting towards plant-based and organic skincare products that not only benefit the skin but also ensure environmental sustainability.

Additionally, more consumers are looking for skincare products free from animal cruelty. Poor animals are being tested in some laboratories and the skincare industry is expected to shift towards ethical practices. With these, companies and consumers alike will have an increased sense of responsibility towards nature.

Thus, products with clean ingredients and recyclable packaging are expected to be the next big thing in 2022.

  1. Personalized Skincare Routines And Products

Needless to say, people have different skin types. Some people have sensitive, oily, dry, or combination skin. There’s no one-size-fits-all skin solution that can address all or some of one’s specific needs. Skincare experts and doctors are now crafting personalized skin regimens based on their clients’ skin type and problems.

You’ve probably read reviews of products online that allegedly caused intense breakouts and unpleasant reactions to the customers’ skin. While the truthfulness of these reviews isn’t guaranteed, know that some products are not made for certain skin types.

Thus, you may ask your dermatologist or esthetician about products that will suit your skin type, or perhaps have them personalized. The latter may cost you a couple of bucks but it’s definitely worth the try in the coming year.

  1. Barrier Skincare Products

Barrier skincare products are typically cream-based. As its name suggests, barrier creams help strengthen and thicken the skin’s natural protective barrier. This helps absorb other skincare products better and eliminate or block elements that may harm the skin such as physical abrasion, strong chemicals, and weather elements.

These creams are applied at night and may have additional soothing ingredients like oils, waxes, and skin butter. However, remember that this product should be applied last in your nighttime routine. Also, you have to consult a dermatologist before using barrier creams if you’re acne-prone, since some products tend to be thicker and may contain comedogenic properties.

If you get clogged pores after using a specific brand of barrier cream, consult your dermatologist immediately.

Self-Care Will Always Be ‘In’

While trends change and new products are offered in the market each year, everything boils down to self-care. One of the best ways to pamper yourself is to update your skincare routine according to your needs. Long gone are the days when skincare is considered a luxury and not a necessity. With the trends above, you finally have fresh ideas to get the glowing and healthier skin you’ve always wanted. Glow-up in 2022 with these skincare ideas.



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