These Method Will Make Your Diamond Ring Shine Again

The most beautiful part of the diamond jewelry is its brilliance. However, it seems that it is not as flashy as it was, and a bit foggy after long time wearing.

This situation is normal. However, because diamonds are lipophilic water-repellent gemstones, the oil and dust of our human skin and everyday foods may adhere to the surface of the diamond, causing the diamond to lose its original fire and brightness which looks gray.

These ways make the diamond shine as ever!

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First. Do you know where the light of the diamond comes from?

It is the combined effect of light and diamond cutting. When the light hits the diamond custom name ring, part of the light will be reflected by the surface of the diamond, producing externally reflected light; the rest of the light enters the inside of the diamond and is cut at the waist of the diamond. The reflection on the surface is reflected from the top or the surface, and the refracted light is scattered into the spectrum, which is the brilliance of the diamond we see. It can be seen that a shining diamond is not only clean, but also has a superb cut.

Second. Why is the diamond ring dim gradually?

That is the improper maintenance of the wearer! Diamond is a kind of high-hardness gemstone. It is difficult to cause wear on its surface in daily activities. The grinding will not darken it, but the constituent element of diamond is carbon atom. It is a kind of lipophilic element, in daily life, our hands wearing diamond ring are easy to get into the grease, from the cooking fumes in the kitchen to the lotion cream applied in daily skin care, it is impossible to prevent.

After a long time, the surface of the diamond ring will absorb a layer of grease. People who don’t pay attention to maintenance are not conscious of cleaning. Occasionally, if you think of it, you can wipe it off with a cloth. This is not cleaned up. Over time, the surface of the diamond is blindfolded. The layer original polished surface becomes no longer smooth, and the enlarged view of the diamond surface adsorbs a layer of pitted oil molecules, which greatly affects the diamond’s reflection and refraction effect on the light. The diamond is naturally not bright.

Third. How can we restore the luster of the diamond ring?

If you wear it every day and need to clean it twice a week, you can take the following three cleaning methods:

1. Pour the diamond detergent into a disposable paper cup, soak the mothers photo rings for 3 minutes, then gently brush the diamond surface with a soft toothbrush. The active agent in the detergent will wrap the diamond. The oil molecules adsorbed on the surface take away the oil molecules, and can also clean the setting. After the brush is finished, the ring is accidentally washed away by the water. You can put the ring into a small net bag and rinse it, then dry it with a soft cloth, put it on the jewelry box, and then store it or wear it.

2. If there is no diamond detergent, you can use a small amount of neutral detergent (hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, etc.) added into water. Soap, washing powder, such as strong alkaline detergent can not be used, detergent cleaning in small bowls or wide mouth container, adjust the neutral detergent with warm water, place the diamond in the container, gently scrub with a toothbrush, wash it, then cover the jewelry with a net bag, rinse it with warm water under the tap, and finally wipe it with a flannel.

3. Soak the cold water in a suitable container, soak the diamond jewelry in cold water for 30 minutes, then gently brush it with a toothbrush, and then dry it with a clean flannel.

Fourth, finally share a few small methods of diamond ring maintenance

1. Do not wear a diamond ring makeup, washing face or bathing, etc., although cosmetic bleach will not damage the diamond, but over time will make the setting fade or discolor.

2. Remember to take off the diamond monogram ring when doing housework. Don’t wear diamonds for heavy or strenuous exercise. Although the diamond is high in hardness, it is also brittle and can be damaged if it is hit.

3. The diamond ring should be cleaned and stored when not worn for a long time, and placed in a separate ring box to avoid scratching other jewelry and causing loss of other jewelry. It is best to store multiple diamond jewellery separately, as scratches may form when rubbing against each other.

4. Chlorine in the pool will corrode jewelry, so it is best not to wear when swimming. Also, don’t let the diamond get a strong acid or strong alkaline chemical detergent to avoid stains on the diamond.

5. Each year, the diamond jewelry is handed over to a professional jewelry maintenance shop for maintenance, check whether the inlay is firm, re-polish to avoid loss of diamond damage.


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