Sore Throat Pharyngitis Causes and Remedies

Sore throat is a very common type of viral infection, you wake up in the morning and you feel like you have dry sore throat and it hurts to swallow!

There are many causes for sore throat and many remedies for it, it is always recommended to see a doctor for treatment, but since it’s not always possible, home remedies can help smoother or cure your sore throat.

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Types of sore throat

The most common and benevolent type, is the dry throat, while sleeping, breathing through the mouth can cause soreness to the throat, this can be prevented by using a humidifier. If you suffer from dry throat, try to drink lot of liquids (water, tea,…), eating candy and chewing gum will help moisturizing your throat as well.

Another cause of sore throat is virus, most common virus being the flu virus, it might be accompanied with fever, chills, inflammation of lymphatic ganglions in the neck (your neck will feel swollen little), in this case you should get lot of rest,consider 1 spoon with honey every day and gargle frequently with salt water.
If you have sore throat, it is imperative to stop if possible or lower your smoking habits as smoking dries out your throat enormously.


To prevent sore throat, you may try to avoid sharp temperature changes, and try taking vitamin C, at least 500 mg a day (in winter time), but if you are already sick, you need 1 gram a day for as long as you need .

Reducing symptoms

For symptoms relief you can take Tylenol or Advil, they help reduce the inflammation, and reduce the fever.

And now… the evil kind of sore throat, the streptococcus throat! This is a bacterial infection caused by streptococcus bacteria, this will give you high fever, higher than the viral one, you will have a very red throat, and might even have white dots of pus over your tonsils, this means, go to the doctor…NOW… this will only give in with antibiotics, normally penicillin will work well, and you will start feeling better in few days, streptococcus is not a forgiving bacteria, it can infect your blood, and your heart, specially kids, don’t leave it to resolve itself, you must see a doctor for treatment.

Try to prevent having sore throat, If it gets to you, try home remedies for the first 2 – 3 days, if you don’t start feeling better, you most likely have an infection and you have to see a doctor.


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