6 Everyday Essentials to Help Manage Arthritis

Living with a painful condition like arthritis can make everyday tasks much more complicated than they used to be. There are hundreds of types of arthritis—this overarching term simply refers to one of many conditions that affect the joints and cause pain.

Simple tasks like getting out of the car or picking up a water bottle can be tough as your arthritis worsens. As a result, many companies have incorporated elements in their product designs to help people with arthritis.

Although we tend to think of arthritis as a disease strictly associated with older people, many children also have Rheumatoid arthritis. These essential products will help make life a little bit easier for anybody with arthritis.

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Essentials for Those With Arthritis

Water Bottle with Easy Grip

One of the biggest and potentially most frustrating effects of arthritis is losing your ability to grip. It becomes much more challenging to grab hold of items you once picked up with ease. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are often associated with a loss of grip strength, which is why people with these conditions love using the bkr spiked water bottle.

The bottle’s sleeve is designed with soft but firm silicone spikes that make it super easy to grab for those experiencing reduced grip strength. Some people say it’s like the bottle is gripping you! The spikes and the sleeve texture provide extra support while the cap features a large loop design that not only makes it easy to pick up and carry, but also easier to open and close. Or if a tiny water bottle is what you’re looking for, the lightweight 8 oz water bottle by bkr is another great option.

Arthritis Gloves

On this image – arthritis gloves

Swelling and pain are part of dealing with arthritis, but luckily, there are many items available to help manage the aches. Different types of arthritis affect different joint areas. Rheumatoid arthritis tends to cause discomfort and swelling in your hands, making it hard to do everyday tasks from typing on the computer to opening a jar.

Swelling and pain combined with a loss of grip strength can make you feel disheartened and frustrated every time you try to do something. Purchase a quality pair of arthritis gloves to overcome some of the consequences of limited hand mobility. Arthritis gloves are designed to compress your hand and wrist, reducing the swelling. Some of these gloves are also heated, a remedy said to help soothe issues associated with osteoarthritis.

Workout Gear

It may come as a surprise to you, but regular exercise is one of the best long-term treatments for arthritis. It can help to build the muscles around your joints, give you more energy and motivation, increase flexibility and alleviate aching joints. We know how tough it can be to motivate yourself to workout when you’re already in pain, but if you commit to an arthritis workout plan, you will certainly notice the difference.

Start with a ten-minute walk to get your body moving. Over time, you can add more activities to your routine, but don’t force yourself to push through a workout when your body is hurting. As you develop these daily habits, you may want to invest in workout equipment specifically designed for those with arthritis.

Easy Action Scissors

Here’s another great way to make your life easier—easy action scissors. This product was created as another way to overcome the grip strength problem that so many people with arthritis face daily.

Using regular scissors can be painful and difficult, which is why easy action scissors were invented. The spring-action design causes the scissors to pop back open after a cut is made, allowing your hand and joints to do less work. These scissors may be particularly beneficial to children with arthritis who love arts and crafts.


On this image – phone with popsocket

Even those without arthritis pain know how much it hurts to drop your phone directly on your face while lying in bed. For those with grip strength issues, it can be way tougher to keep a grip on your cell phone—or even do things like type and browse the internet throughout the day.

The PopSocket is a popular product that sticks to the back of your phone and pops out for a better hold on your phone. These accessories are fun because they come in cool designs that you can match to your personality. We rely so much on our phones throughout the day, and this simple tool can help you use your devices without discomfort.

Handy Bar

When you don’t experience joint pain, you don’t realize how many little tasks can be overwhelming with arthritis. Even getting in and out of the car can be a struggle.

Handy Bar is a specially designed product that hooks into the door latch, providing extra support and stability when getting out of the car. The handle itself is small, so you can slide it into your bag or keep it in the glove compartment.

Managing Arthritis Pain

If you or someone you know is managing arthritis pain—or another condition that causes gripping problems—you’re not alone.

Plenty of people have to find ways to go about their everyday lives without becoming overwhelmed by this condition’s effects. Check out some of these great products that have been specifically created to make everyday life easier.




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