Signs Your Medical Facility Needs an Urgent Upgrade

As a healthcare provider and medical facility, your priority is your patients and their wellbeing. Unfortunately, when medical facilities become disorganized, poorly managed and in need of a little TLC, it’s always the patients that suffer the most.

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Updating your medical facility means streamlining your working practices, helping your medical teams work with better cohesion, helping patients feel safe and confident in your services and preventing the waste of precious resources. Is your medical centre in need of a little help? In this post, we’ll explore the top signs that your medical facility needs an urgent upgrade. Read on to find out more.

Your Medical Carts Are in Poor Condition

There are multiple uses for medical carts in a healthcare facility. From emergency crash carts to anaesthesia models, medicine storage, patient transport, surgery tool storage, the list goes on. However, if your crash carts are disorganised and in poor condition, then your medical teams are going to struggle to provide the high level of care that your patients need. From misplaced medical tools to poor inventory management, disorganisation, or simply not enough carts to go around, these carts are essential for streamlining your medical centre and improving the level of care that your patients receive.

The better your medical teams work, the quicker they can get through patients and provide seamless care.

High Levels of Complaints

Are patients becoming dissatisfied with your medical services? This could be for a variety of reasons, from the condition of the building to the bedside manner of your staff.

When things are strained between patient and doctor, errors can be made and medical advice not adhered to, which in turn could lead to medical negligence cases. Get to the bottom of these complaints to see if there is a pattern. This way you can take direct action to improve your services and help your staff work more coherently.

Excessive Waiting Times

When your medical facility needs an urgent upgrade, it can manifest this urgency in all kinds of ways. Including excessive patient waiting times. When patients are waiting too long to be seen by a medical professional then it’s clear that the inner workings of your centre need investigating. It could be a lack of equipment that’s holding your teams back, poor communication within your departments, problems with your online systems and databases or perhaps you simply don’t have enough staff to get through your patients quick enough.

When patients are left waiting too long to be seen, it creates frustration and animosity, affecting their wellbeing and satisfaction with your facility.

You’re Losing Money and Valuable Resources

If you’re consistently replacing equipment, handling duplicate orders, staff turnover is out of control and your spending is sky high, then it’s time your medical facility had an upgrade. Breaking down the inner workings of your centre and establishing where you’re wasting resources can help save you money that can be put directly back into funding patient care.

Final Thoughts…

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then it’s time for an upgrade!




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