10 Signs You Are Addicted to Gambling

Gambling is a hobby that entertains through the rush it provides to the gamblers. If managed well, it can reduce boredom amongst other benefits.

However, if you find that gambling behavior is uncontrollable to you, you must be addicted. Here are 10 signs that you are addicted to gambling.

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  1. Always thinking about gambling at the expense of other important things like work and family
  2. Spending too much time at the the online casinos like Gclub or 918Kiss and placing bets
  3. Resorting to vices like lying, stealing to hide your gambling behavior
  4. Breaking relationships since you over-indulge in gambling
  5. Borrowing money to use in gambling, therefore, finding yourself in constant financial debt.
  6. Being irritable, depressed, and disappointed whenever you don’t gamble.
  7. You are in gambling addiction if you have tried to stop the behavior to no avail
  8. Another sign of gambling addiction is trying to cover up for the losses by gambling more and more in hopes of winning a jackpot.
  9. Using more money than you can afford to gamble with is another sign that you are addicted to gambling.
  10. If you feel the urge to engage in gambling any time you want to be distracted from stress, problems, or other issues, then you are addicted to gambling.

Identifying Gambling Addiction

If you suspect you or your loved one is in gambling addiction, you should ask yourself these questions to identify gambling addiction;

  1. Are your loved ones or those close to you complaining of your gambling behavior? Take their comments on the issue seriously to identify whether you are addicted to gambling.
  2. Do you experience mood changes whenever you don’t gamble? If yes, this means that gambling has become part of you. Unfortunately, you are addicted.
  3. Have you given up hobbies, responsibilities, and other activities at the expense of gambling?
  4. Do you gamble with more money than you planned for?
  5. Have you tried to stop gambling habits but you were unable?If you answered yes to more than three questions, you can easily identify that you are addicted to gambling.

Why You Should Quit Gambling

When you overindulge in gambling, the consequences will eventually overwhelm you. These are the reasons why you should quit gambling;

  1. Gambling will affect your mental health in the long run. The thrill that comes with it might make you anxious, depressed or irritable. To safeguard your mental health, consider quitting gambling.
  2. You should quit gambling to avoid social problems. Gambling causes withdrawal from friends and family. To strengthen your social bonds, quitting gambling should be a priority.
  3. Since the house always has the edge against you, you ought to always expect losses. Therefore, quit gambling so that your hard-earned money is not wasted.
  4. Gambling fallacy which stipulates big wins after some time might tempt you to get into debt. You don’t want to find yourself in a financial trap hard to get out. Quit gambling to say goodbye to financial burdens.

Few Must-have Advises from Psychologists;

According to psychologists, gambling is a great form of entertainment if managed well. They give tips on how you can go gambling without necessarily wasting your time and money.

The first thing psychologists advocate for is gambling money that you can afford to lose. This will prevent you from the stress of financial bailouts all the time.

Always ensure that you are not obsessed with gambling. Keeping your mind occupied with better things or different purposes in life will help you steer clear of gambling addiction.

If you find yourself in the trap of gambling addiction, ensure you seek professional help. Thus, you will walk through the recovery journey easily.


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