Heat Stroke – What Are The Signs

Heat stroke is a serious and life-threatening problem, so it pays to understand the basic signs of what having a heat stroke feels like.

Since we are in the middle of a scorching summer heat, it becomes very important to be aware of the heat stroke signs. Knowing these signs ahead of time could save your life or the life of someone around you.

Migraine; image source: pexels.com

High body temperature

One of the first and most easily detected signs is an incredibly high body temperature. Unlike heat exhaustion, where you temperature may hit around 102 degrees F, a heat stroke would send your temperature up to a dangerously high 105 degrees F.

While your temperature rises you may begin to feel your face flush and your heart may begin to race as your body tries to cool you down.

Feeling confused and delirious

The next serious sign is that you’ll begin to feel very confused and delirious. You may not be able to hold a conversation or even know where you are. After the confusion sets in, your organs may begin to shut off.

A high temperature will cause the organs to start burning up as well, leading to organ failure. One of the first organs that will be affected is the kidneys, liver, the brain, and the heart. All of your most vital organs will be at risk if you are suffering from a heat stroke.


Finally, the last sign is nauseous. You may begin to feel incredibly fatigued and you may even begin vomiting. Heat stroke is a serious and life threatening problem, so if you feel a heat stroke coming on call 911 / 113 immediately (the emergency dial number might be different based on your location).


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