How Are Vape Pens Healthier When Compared to Smoking Regular Cigarettes

You may not know that vape pens, also known as e-cigarettes, have more health benefits than smoking. Therefore, vaping is comparatively healthier than regular cigarette smoking. Although vaping is relatively modern, research has shown that vapers will be more beneficial than smokers when all is said and done.

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There are considerable benefits to vaping instead of smoking or chewing, including the positive health benefits of these electronic cigarettes. These health dangers of vaping are hypothetical risks, but it is, in essence, relatively healthy to the human body.

While smoking creates the presence of nicotine, vaping burns it. Vaping essentially makes flavouring and other chemicals that produce an aerosol for one to inhale. Still, the cigarette contains over six hundred chemicals, of which many are toxic to the human body.

Vaping Has No combustion

Unlike cigarettes, vaping is safer as there is no combustion in it. There is relatively no smoke, which causes carbon monoxide and tar, leading to long-term damage to the human lungs.

Vape produces pure chemicals instead of cigarette smoke, and the cloud so produced does not stay in the body for long, again unlike tar which remains long.

Vaping Does Not Produce Odours

Vaping has fewer nausea odours which is one of its best points. It produces pleasant smells of choice as it comes in a wide variety of delightful flavors, including Strawberry, Apple, Citrus, Mint, Chocolate, banana coffee, so you do not have to worry about bad smells in your car or clothes, which is quite unhealthy.

Vaping Helps smokers to quit or cut down on smoking

Vaping is approximately 95% better than smoking for your health. Its productiveness as a quitting aid is a means of helping smokers to quit, making it are more probable to stop or cut down smoking than cigarette smoking.

It’s easier to quit vaping than it is to quit smoking. Fortunately, it is also easier to shift to vaping from smoking than the other way round.

Improved Breathing system

Due to the refined nature of the vapour produced during vaping, the breathing system benefits from the sophisticated air. It clears the lungs and improves them.

Therefore, among the essential benefits of vaping are health benefits for those who switch to vaping from smoking. They see more remarkable health changes, including ease of breathing. The blood pressure is also lower, and there is improved lung function.

Vaping Can Replace the Nicotine Replacement Therapy

In switching from smoking via vape pen in just a month, vaping is almost twice as effective as the old method of nicotine replacement therapy (NRTs). The Nicotine Replacement therapy, which included nicotine gum, lozenges, patches, and inhalers, has been known not to be very effective.

In a study done in partnership with NHF stop smoking service, 18.5 percent of e-cigarette users stopped smoking tobacco after only one year compared to 9.9.% of the traditional NRT users.

Safety of Second-Hand Users

Second-hand vapour is not as dangerous as second-hand smoke. The smoke from cigarettes contains more than 7000 chemicals and about 70 known cancer-causing ingredients (carcinogen). At the same time, vapour from the vaping containers is known to improve the health of the users and is not harmful to second-hand users.

Vaping has been shown not to have any dangers to those around the users through second-hand smoke. Currently, evidence shows that its effects are negligible as the vapour quickly goes up and has no time to affect the vapers or those around them.

Parting shot

Although vaping has no known side effects to second-hand users, to be on the safe side, do not vape around expectant mothers or small children.

Although the vapour doesn’t linger like cigarette smoke, it’s still safer to keep minors away from the fog.


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