3 Tips for Choosing a Plus Size Bicycle

Riding a bicycle is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. You can also ride your way out of town for an adventure with friends or with other adventurous riders.

To enjoy such rides, you ought to have a comfortable bicycle that suits you just right. A comfortable bike also makes riding a hobby that you can look forward to. While choosing a bike, there are a few factors you need to consider.

Below are tips that will help you make the right choice next time you want to purchase a bike.

Image source: pexels.com

1) Weight Limits

There are many bikes on the market. However, not all are suitable for you. Each bike has a limit on the weight it can comfortably support. The weight distribution is determined by the rider, cargo and the bike itself. A rider’s weight comprises of their actual body weight, safety gadgets, carry-on water, and other accessories such as electronics.

This weight should not exceed the maximum recommended, as this can be risky for the rider. Most lightweight riders do not exceed this limit. Heavyweight riders should consider getting plus size bikes, which comes with a higher weight limit.

The luggage you plan to load on the bike is also considered. Some riders carry saddlebags and baskets at the front or back. Try not to exceed the limit as this can destabilize a bike when riding. This can cause fatal crashes, damaging the bike and hurting a rider.

2) Frame

The frame is the body of a bike. This makes it an essential piece when choosing a bike. It is also a difficult part to manipulate and adjust. When choosing a bike for a heavy rider, the frame should be strong enough to support the weight subjected to it. This makes the bike more comfortable and easy to ride. The bike on its own should be made from a light yet strong material.

This reduces the effort you need to exert throughout the ride. The frame should also be wide and long enough to ensure that you are not struggling to fit in the available rider space. This increases your comfort and helps you cycle with ease. In case you have a belly, go for a curved frame. The frame supports your belly when bending and this reduces exerting too much weight on your spinal cord.

3) Wheel

When choosing a bike, you need to consider the wheel. The wheel determines the terrain and the weight a bike can comfortably support too. Bike wheels should have strong rims to ensure they do not bend or collapse easily. The wheels should also have quality tires that can withstand the conditions of the terrain the bike is set out for.

The spokes on the wheels should be made from strong materials to ensure they do not bend or break easily. The axle and the spokes in the spoke nipples should also be well-fitted to ensure that the wheel can distribute the weight easily as you cycle.



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