Winter Eyewear Guide [infographic]

The winter can be a stressful time for eyes, as snow, wind and dry air cause irritation and discomfort.

While traditionally the summer is seen as the time to protect your eyes from UV rays, it is essential to protect against harmful UV rays in the winter too.

As the winter’s snowfall blankets the ground, the reflective nature of snow causes up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays are reflected upward. Children are especially susceptible to UV-related eye problems, as they tend to spend more time outdoors.

Winter Eyewear Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In addition the snowfall causing UV ray exposure, the atmosphere is drier during the colder months, which causes eyes to be irritated more quickly. To combat the cold dry winter air keeping eyes moist is key.

Sit away from sources of heat and use a humidifier in indoor heated areas to alleviate the dryness in the air. Keep eyes directly moist by using eye drops.

To protect your eyes this winter, sun protection is a must. From lens material to optical coatings and frame construction, choosing the right pair of sunglasses is more involved than most people think.

Choose sunglasses that provide full protection against ultraviolet light and choose polarized lenses as they reduce glare by filtering out the reflected sunlight that bounces off surfaces.

Similarly, if you’re engaging in winter sports ensure that your goggles are protecting your eyes. Choose a goggle that is a good fit, that doesn’t pinch down on the bridge of the nose and cannot be felt on the outer eye socket area. It is also essential to choose the right lens category for your activity, which indicates the amount of light absorbed by the lens. There’s a wide variety of sports glasses and goggles available, even in prescription, so take your time and shop around.

From soothing sore eyes, to choosing the right sunglasses, to selecting protective sports eyewear, this guide from Vision by Design Optometry shows you how to keep your eyes healthy during the winter months.

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