Why Rehab Facilities Are Your Best Choice for a Detox

With very many people treating addictions, several questions have been asked about the options available. Recovering from an addiction is a complicated process.

This makes most recovering addicts want to look for quick and easier alternatives to getting treatment from a specialized rehab facility.

One of the questions people ask is if they can do their detox at home. Although it’s certainly possible, it’s far from advisable for some reasons. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe in some cases, and without professional help, these can quickly become fatal.

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Detox kits

It’s not rare to find drug detox kits promising to have discovered the latest information on addiction treatment in the US. More often than not, this isn’t true. Although they may work for some people, they can’t effectively take care of everyone.

Most drug detox kits usually require a person to take some supplements for a couple of months. Others may require you to totally change your lifestyle and adhere to certain strict religious principles. One problem they both have in common is that they can be dangerous.

The recovery of addicts often takes a personal turn especially if they have a history of mental illness, previous medical complications, or an extreme dependence on the drug. In these kinds of instances, the services of a professional are required to make sure that the patient doesn’t suffer any physical harm.

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Spotting a placebo

A good number of drug detox kits are just placebos, too. This means in the case of any serious complications, they are ineffective. Even if they are effective, they can only stop the use of the substance in the short term. They don’t have any long-lasting effect on the addicts. The chances of the patient relapsing after the treatment are still very high.

Rehabilitation centers have been known to provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week care for patients, making sure that their detox procedures are as thorough as possible. The staff is well-trained and experienced in handling complications that can arise during withdrawal.

Focus on recovery

Rehab also affords you an escape from all kinds of triggers and lets you focus on just your recovery. The intense craving that characterizes addiction becomes worse during withdrawal. Being in an insulated environment during the time of detox can significantly improve your chances of recovery. Even outpatients in rehab centers still have a high probability of canceling appointments and relapsing during the detox process.

Another considerable advantage rehab centers hold over home treatment is the presence of a post-detox support structure. It’s crucial for anyone looking to do a detox to note that detoxifying the body is only just one step in the lengthy process of recovery from substance abuse disorder.

There’s still a lot of work to be done in counseling. Rehabilitation facilities are well-equipped and staffed to help recovering addicts make the complete 180˚ turnaround that they need. Make sure to contact a rehab center near you today.



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