What is Social Anxiety Disorder

Many people have suffered from some kind of social anxiety disorder in their lives. Perhaps you’ve felt a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach before a party or a large social gathering. Maybe you’ve been a bit nervous about meeting someone new.

This type of reaction is perfectly natural for most people, but when it starts to negatively affect your life in a very serious way then it is known as social anxiety disorder.

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Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms


If you start to avoid social situations to the point that it makes a serious impact on your life, it’s a definite sign of social anxiety disorder. You might completely avoid situations where you might meet new people, or in severe cases you might avoid all social situations.


Sometimes people turn to alcohol to help them deal with their social anxiety disorder. While alcohol is sometimes an enjoyable and fun social lubricant, it should not be used to deal with a serious anxiety disorder. This can lead to dependence on alcohol and all the further problems that stem from alcoholism.


Social anxiety disorder usually consciously manifests itself in fears. You might be scared that you will embarrass yourself somehow, or you might be scared that strangers will judge you. The fear that social anxiety disorder causes you to feel is almost always completely irrational, but that doesn’t make it feel any less real.

Trembling or shaking

Social anxiety disorder sometimes leads to a physical trembling and shaking with fear. These symptoms can be hugely distressing, as they often lead to further fear about being judged.

Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment


If you go and see a doctor for social anxiety disorder treatment, you may be prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. While these prescription drugs can help the symptoms of social anxiety disorder in the short term, they’ll never be able to completely irradiate the problem. Instead, you’ll only be masking the symptoms. Medication can make you feel better, but there are often uncomfortable side effects.


Seeing a qualified therapist for social anxiety disorder won’t give you the same instant relief that some medication can, but it is likely to make you feel better in the long run. Therapy can help you tackle the physical symptoms of anxiety using breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. It can also help you reframe your anxiety inside your head, making it easier to cope with.

Natural Remedies

Sometimes natural remedies like kava kava, chamomile or passionflower can make a real difference to social anxiety disorder. You might be surprised at just how effective these herbs can be. You should always get the advice of a doctor before using any natural remedies.


While social anxiety disorder is a truly debilitating condition, there are many treatments that can help you deal with the symptoms you are facing. The important thing is to look for help for your condition. Making the decision not to suffer in silence is the first step towards dealing with your problem and living a happier, more social life.


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