Consuming soft drinks may increases the chance of diabetes

It is enough if you drink a glass of sweetened drinks per day to increase the chance of developing diabetes for more than one-fifth, that is 20 percent, a study by European Union (the study was performed at Imperial College of London) found out.

The results were published in the Diabetes journal.

The survey was conducted among 350,000 residents coming from eight European countries. The amount of one glass was considered to be a small can of sweet fizzy drink (usually 330 ml).

The survey results are related to those that have been conducted in the United States where consumption of sweet drinks is also associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a form of diabetes that affects about 300 million people worldwide says the World Health Organization.

Diabetes is a lifelong (chronic) disease and the result is high level of sugar in blood. In other words, your body is unable to control and regulate your blood sugar levels anymore. It is an unrecoverable condition for which no cure exists at this time.

Refer to this blood sugar chart for more information.

The study included residents of Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, France and the Netherlands. Different types of fruit drinks were not included in the study.

The problem of soft drinks is not only the fact that they are harmful in the long run, but also that such drinks have no real nutritional value.

It is true that the soft drinks are only one of the many factors that increases the risk of developing diabetes and become obese. Others factors are increased weight and especially the lifestyle in which physical activity is minimal.

So by taking into consideration the results of the study we can conclude that soft drinks such as Coca-cola, Sprite, Fanta etc. are harmful for your health. You should avoid consuming such drinks. Better alternatives are minerals water, fruit juice (such as lemon or orange juice), teas, green teas or milk.


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