The Best Ways to Reduce the Side Effects of Finasteride 

Fortunately, experiencing side effects following the use of Finasteride is super rare, but it’s still smart to take steps to prevent them from occurring in the first instance.

Making several simple changes can ensure that the conditions for Finasteride to get to work are ideal. To kick things off, below are some top tips on how to limit the side effects that Finasteride can have, ensuring your hair treatment plan is as successful as possible.

Make changes to your diet

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The food that you eat impacts the entirety of your body and mind. Switching to a healthy, balanced diet can provide Finasteride with the best possible chance of being successful. Taking on lots of greens, fresh fruits, and responsibly-sourced fish can all positively impact your body during the Finasteride treatment process.

This may limit any side effects that you experience and can even boost the likelihood of the treatment being successful. To enjoy the full range of benefits that switching to a healthy diet can bring, it’s worth chatting to your GP or dietician, particularly if you’ve recently started taking Finasteride and want to get the most out of it.

Stick to a daily routine

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For Finasteride to be effective, it’s so important that you take it consistently over a sustained period of time. What’s more, as your body becomes accustomed to the treatment, any side effects that you experience are likely to wear off after a month or so.

Some people pedal rumours about the rare sexual side effects of Finasteride being permanent, but there’s absolutely no truth in them. Simply stopping your Finasteride dosage if you experience any sexual side effects has been shown to reverse your symptoms and return things to normal.

Exercise often

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Exercising every day is a smart move, whether you’re taking Finasteride or not. When you match regular exercise with a healthy diet, there’s a chance of limiting some of the side effects that Finasteride is known for. In fact, research has indicated that daily exercise can boost your sexual performance and ultimately, increase your sex drive. This can help to dampen any sexual side effects that you might experience after taking Finasteride and is worth trying if you’re worried about this occurring during your treatment.

It’s crucial to remember that Finasteride is a medication that has been studied widely over the years, and although some side effects occur, they’re extremely rare. It’s known that fewer than 4% of people that use Finasteride will experience some side effects, with nearly all of them being reversed or stopping once the use of the medication ceases. Although you can’t do an awful lot to prevent the side effects of Finasteride from materialising in the first instance, incrementally improving your general health and wellbeing is a great way to lower your chances of experiencing them. You can take a look through Sons’ treatment plans today to find the perfect Finasteride solution for you and your hair treatment needs.








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