Reduce Bloating With Dietary Bloating Remedies

You have heard this before, “you are what you eat”. In fact, this saying is true more than you can imagine.

How we look and feel is affected by what we eat, what time we eat and by how we eat. Therefore, part of bloating remedies include eating the right food and the right food combinations.

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Improper food

Short term effects of improper food combinations can lead to constipation, headaches, bloating, diarrhea, stomach aches, gas and many more.

For long term, it can lead to ulcers, hypoglycemia, colon cancer, IBS, eczema and many more. But the problem is, you still feel bloated after eating healthy foods and avoiding foods that cause gas. You follow the recommended diet by eating 25-35 grams of fiber, five servings of vegetables and fruits and drinking eight glasses of water.

So what’s wrong? Why do you feel bloated and gassy?

The answer to your question may lie on the combination and how you eat your healthy foods.

Every food that we eat has effects on our digestive system. Each food requires specific enzymes to be digested. The time it takes for a specific food to be digested also varies. The inappropriate combination of certain foods can cause indigestion and may lead to other discomforts.

Behavior of Eating and Digestion

One of the most common gas remedies is adjusting our food combinations. But before we start adjusting our food combinations, it is first important to look and analyze our eating behaviors.

If we know the proper eating behaviors, then following the appropriate food combinations will be easier. Following the right combinations can greatly reduce bloating and other discomforts.

Eat consciously

eating vegetables
eating vegetables

The most effective home remedies for bloating is to eat consciously. However, a lot of us violate this rule by overeating. Surprising as it seems, but you can survive by only eating one-third of what you usually consume.

By looking at a lot of foods, we are tempted to eat more than what our stomachs can handle. The one of the main causes of bloating is indigestion due to overeating.

Human brains only tell us that we are already full ten minutes after we are satisfied. So by the time that we stop eating, we are actually more than full; we already ate more than our stomachs can handle. One of the bloating remedies you can do is to stop eating even before you feel satisfied and full.

The best thing we can do to avoid overeating is to eat slowly and consciously.

When we eat slowly, we become aware of being full and avoid stuffing ourselves more. When we eat consciously, we become aware of our portion sizes, the types of food we eat and how fast we eat. You can use your sense of taste, smell and sight to know which are the right foods to eat and the proper way of combining foods.

When you use your sense, you are forced to slow down and it gives you time to analyze what you are eating. Look at the food on your plate and always remember that you can survive with only one-third of your usual daily food consumption. Slowly decrease the food on your plate after each meal. As a rule of thumb, your portion size should not be bigger than your fist.

Lastly, eating is not a race. Enjoy eating your food. Quick and instant meals are not healthy at all; so always make sure that you set aside a time dedicated to eating. Adjusting to this kind of eating habit may not be easy, but following these bloating remedies can really alleviate the bloating discomforts you feel.

Sticking to a Scheduled Eating Time Improves Digestion

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Each one of us has this internal clock that sets our body’s rhythm. It is necessary that you set and follow an eating schedule. A set eating schedule can help the body maintain its rhythm. Our body becomes used to this eating schedule and produces enzymes in preparation for the digestion of the foods that we eat.

When you set your eating schedule, it should include the types of food you eat and a set meal time. Eating other foods and eating when it is not your usual meal time will disrupt any rhythm your body has established. When digestion is disrupted, it can lead to discomforts such as bloating and gassy stomach.

A good flatulence remedy is to train yourself and your body to follow an eating schedule. When you have an eating schedule, your body follows a rhythm of digesting certain foods at a specific time of the day. When a rhythm is established, your digestive tract starts pre-producing enzymes before you even start eating.

These preproduced enzymes are very helpful to completely digest the foods. Aside from scheduling your mealtimes, you should eat the same food groups regularly. You do not have to eat exactly the same food, just stick to foods under the same group as much as possible.

You may categorize your foods into primary, secondary and exotic foods

Primary foods must be eaten every week, secondary foods serve as condiments to your primary foods, and the exotic are foods that you only eat occasionally.

If you eat this way, your body knows when and what foods to expect. This is perhaps one of the best bloating remedies you can do as it can aid in complete digestion. Complete digestion means that you will feel more vibrant and energized.


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