5 Heart Attack Signs to Watch Out for!

Technically known as myocardial infarction, a heart attack is usually sudden but may or may not be intense.

However, if its warning signs are overlooked, it can be powerful enough to lead to death.

Most common cause of death in the USA

In the United States, it is the most common cause of death, regardless of gender or age. Majority of deaths due to a heart attack is due to the heart’s ventricular fibrillation taking place even before getting an emergency treatment. However, if one manages to get such a treatment, survival chances are overall 90%.


The fact is that several such sufferers do not get quick medical treatment. Not only that, many of them do not recognize the signs at all, as they either overlook it or consider the signs to be normal.

Many times, the signs do not surface up so frequently such that the patient doubts them to be of heart attack. Well, as the first step to overcome such ignorance and prevent an attack, one needs to know the signs.

Heart rate attack signs

It is recommended to recognize the signs so that it becomes possible to take a quick action to save life. It is a fact that warning signs tend to differ from one individual to another and that it is not necessary for them to be severe or sudden.

While discomfort and pain in chest are the most common signs in both males and females, a few individuals shall not feel the pain at all. Similarly, some will only feel discomfort or very mild pain.

In this way, some feel only one sign, while others experience both. Here are the crucial signs to look out for!

Extreme Fatigue

Just before some weeks or even days of an attack, almost 75% women feel exhaustion that is comparable to none. Just cooking dinner can make one feel so.

Day and Night Sweating

This perspiration is more than normal, particularly if you are not that active or exercising too exhaustively. Night sweating is also a common sign of heart problem. When there is something blocked in heart, pumping blood needs more effort due to which the body sweats more to control the temperature during exertion.

At times, the person might feel suddenly soaked for no obvious reason. Moreover, the face can seem to be pale and pasty.

Mild Pain

Pain is experienced not only in chest but even in other parts such as around the heart, shoulders, upper back, arms, neck, and even teeth. Apart from pain, these areas can even give a feeling of pressure or heaviness.

Chest tightness is ordinary and many feel as if an elephant has stumped on the chest.


Over 55% females report wheezing difficulty in conversing due to problem in catching the breath.


This exists in terms of looming fate or fear prior to an attack although it is not comprehended why. However, this is not real due to which it is trivial. It is only that the body is informing you to heed it.


Over 50% women find it difficult to sleep or wake up before some weeks of the attack.


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