The Top 3 Reasons That Brussel Sprouts Are Popular in Kitchens

Throughout the years, the once universally-hated veggie steadily rises in popularity, and today, it is on almost every restaurant’s menu and even makes its way to home kitchens.

Gone are the times when kids would pout and twist up their faces when they hear the word “Brussel sprouts,” as some form of torture. Gone are those days when mountains of Brussel sprouts would pile up in grocery stores and eventually form mountains. Simply put – back then, nobody wanted them.

But today, chefs would opt to include these in main and side dishes. Even the consumers want to experiment with these babies in the home kitchen. Local suppliers would see their sales rise up as their popularity trends upwards. Brussel sprouts have made their way to pizzas, sausages, and even in food dips. But what makes this local vegetable really popular?

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Here’s a rundown of the top 3 reasons that Brussel sprouts are popular in kitchens:

1. Brussel sprouts are delicious

Brussel sprouts are renowned for their sweet, nutty flavor. They managed to become the new spotlight of the vegetable world like a young rock star. The reason why they suddenly exploded on the radars of consumers is because restaurants start on incorporating and integrating them on their menus.

While most of the time, Brussel sprouts are maligned and have the reputation to have a strong, ugly taste. But the gist though is that if they’re prepared correctly and cooked with skill, they’re really delicious. The strong flavor only happens when they’re overcooked- a very common mistake associated in preparing Brussel sprouts. They shouldn’t be boiled past recognition.

Brussel sprouts can complement well with fully-flavored entrees or those with meat. They can even stand alone as a side dish. The trick here though is that because of their strong statement on the plate, they need to be balanced with other flavors in order to create a wonderful dish. They tend to overpower mild dishes such as chicken and some delicate fish.

Most chefs would cook them with gentle steaming, light grilling, and slow roasting. A little butter and olive oil will create a crisp, unique sensation.

2. Brussel sprouts are healthy

If you’re aiming for a nutritional diet and healthy lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with assimilating Brussel sprouts on your meals. The trade-off between calories and vitamins is really worth it. You’ll get a full spectrum of nutrients, especially Vitamin C and K in just one cup of Brussel sprouts, and you won’t even get past 60 calories of intake.

Other research suggests that it can aid in cell repair and DNA regeneration, and can even block cancer cells. Other health benefits include lower cholesterol levels, eye and bone improvements, and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Brussel sprouts are versatile

Brussel sprouts play extremely friendly for imaginative and creative minds who want to experiment on what they can do with Brussel sprouts. Braise, boil, grill, roast, sauté, steam- cook them whichever way you want!

Almost every part of a Brussel sprout is useful and usable, so there’s very little waste. If a chef is creative enough, the presentation of the dish can be beautified even more.

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