6 Reasons Why You Have Insomnia

Poor sleep has adverse effects on your brain function, exercise performance and hormones. It also can cause weight gain and some diseases among both children and adults.

Insomnia is often caused by poor sleep habits, medical conditions, bedding, lifestyle among others. Notably, good sleep is as essential as maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercises.

It is crucial to comprehend what could be causing your sleep difficulties to get help. Here are six reasons why you have insomnia.

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1. Uncomfortable bed, mattress, and pillow

You might be wondering why you always sleep better in a hotel than in your bed. Notably, this is because of your mattress. In that, some mattresses particularly old or malformed mattresses can affect your sleep.

According to research a new mattress reduces back and shoulder pain as well as stiffness hence improving the quality of your sleep. While looking for a mattress, it is essential to take into account that mattresses differ and one that the best mattress for you may be bad for another person.

Hence it is essential to look for all the available options, for instance, consider memory foam mattresses as they offer comfort and are well made. Also, the size of the mattress should depend on the bed size as it is advisable for it to fit on your bed or sleeping surface. On top of this new bedding can enhance sleep as poor quality bedding result in increased back pain.

It is advisable to upgrade your bedding after 5 to 8 years. If you have not replaced your bedding or mattress for several years, it can be the cause of your lack of sleep. Hence replace them as soon as possible.

2. Heat and Sore mattress

If you regularly wake up and feel sore, it means that your mattress is bad for you. Best mattress for back pain should be forming to your body and providing you with the right amount of support. Your spine should be straight, and you only need to add a pillow to solve the issue.

Also, the best mattresses for side sleepers should be soft to avoid any pains. A full bed mattress is suitable for couples or people who share the bed as they are comfortable and can sleep on any side of the bed comfortably. It is also advisable to acquire the right bed frame if you’re not putting your bed on the floor. The aim of all this is to ensure that you have the most comfortable mattresses to prevent you from lack of sleep. Also, If you are heating up at night and hence cannot sleep properly.

It’s probably due to your mattress. In that, some mattresses absorb your heat body and have no way of releasing it. Therefore, you end up being very uncomfortable and lacking sleep. If heat is the issues look for a new memory foam mattresses with various bits of technology. In that its material is designed to absorb and release heat keeping you cool eventually improving your sleep pattern.

3. Your Bedroom Environment

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The bedroom environment and its set up are vital factors in getting a good night sleep. These factors may include noise, temperature, furniture as well as external lights. Research shows that external noise can cause poor sleep patterns as well as long-term health problems.

To improve your bedroom surrounding try to minimize the external noise and all sources of light. The room should be enjoyable clean and quite. Also, a dirty environment may bring about dust mites that stay on the mattress and cause both poor sleep patterns, and other health issues lie allergy. In case of this, it is advisable to look for a new mattress.

4. Lifestyle

Certain activities and substances including you’re eating patterns result in insomnia. In that, if you have poor sleeping patterns review your drink or food consumption. For instance, in taking alcohol during the night may make you fall asleep instantly but your sleep may be disrupted during the night and increases the symptoms of apnea. Secondly, consuming caffeine in the evening causes insomnia.

As it stimulates the nervous system and may stop your body from relaxing naturally during the night. It stays in the body for almost 8 hours; hence the effects are long-lasting. Also, consuming heavy meals too close to bedtime disrupts your sleep, and it causes discomfort making it hard for your body to relax and settle.

5. Irregular Naps

Long and irregular naps during the day adversely affect your sleep as it can confuse your internal clock. Hence making you struggle to sleep during the night.

According to research longer, naps can affect not your health but also the quality of sleep. Regular day time naps or short naps like 30 minutes do not affect your sleep pattern.

6. Anxiety

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Most people have trouble sleeping since they are nervous or worried about something, and for some, it significantly interferes with their sleep. Some of the anxiety symptoms that lead to insomnia include tension, overstimulated, excessive worry and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

One may end up waking up during the night or have trouble sleeping. In both cases, you might end up having stressful thoughts during that time of the time when you are awake. Notably, if this persists for many nights, you end up not sleeping at all. However, they are treatments that significantly assist people in getting past anxiety like cognitive therapy and prescribed medications.

Having a regular healthy sleep pattern also improves sleep for people with anxiety.


Poor sleep is not suitable for your health and leaves you tired and exposures you to mental and psychical illnesses. Bad beds can be a significant factor and investing in the right bed improves your sleep pattern as well as health.

A good mattress is worth investing in preventing bad sleeping habits. Also, ensure to check on all other factors to remain healthy as you enjoy your good night sleep.


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