How to Get Rid of Gas Pains in Stomach

Having gas problems can be really unpleasant as well as uncomfortable. Most of people will experience this condition at some point in life. There are several things you can do right now to remove bloating in your digestive system.

There’s no one way to get rid of gas as everyone is a bit different. It’s a process of trial and error to get rid of the gas. Here are some steps to reduce or eliminate your gas problems.

But first, let’s look at what are the causes for gas accumulation and gas pain.

Causes of gas pain

Gas pain is not considered a serious health problems, however gas pain can cause discomfort enough to affect your normal activities. Severe gas pains can even make you totally stop your activities and stay in bed until the pain subsides.

Eating gassy foods

Some foods like fruits and vegetables are harder to digest as they require more bacteria from your stomach to break down and this can lead to gas problems for some people. Avoid eating gassy foods.

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Eating too fast or excessive laughing

Gas pains can have a variety of causes which range from eating too fast to laughing too much. The pain you get can be very intense at times and you may have a hard time moving around.

Stressful situations

Those who are working under pressure and always stressed out are at higher risk of developing issues.

Air swallowing

People who are unconscious of the fact that they are frequently swallowing air (for example by swallowing or gulping drinks by straw) might suffer from gas pain. Excessive air may also enter your body when you are eating too fast or when chewing a gum.

Gluten and lactose intolerance

Gluten and lactose intolerance is often the cause of this issue. If you experience gas and bloating after consuming diary products or after eating wheat products than this might be the cause of your problems.

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It is better to avoid these foods if you are intolerant. If you cannot avoid cheese for example try eating aged cheese instead of fresh cheese.

Artificial additives

Apart from lactose and gluten there are also other slow metabolizing compounds that can be problematic. Artificial sweeteners, such as mannitol, sorbitol (also known as glucitol) or xylitol that are found in sugar-free foods (candies, chewing gums) are intolerable for some people.


Constipation can lead to bloating and discomfort and is often the cause of such problems.

Learn How to Get Rid of Gas in Stomach in Natural Way at Home

#1 Eliminate Foods That Cause Gas

One way you can learn how to get rid of gas in stomach is to eliminate the foods that cause gas in the first place. Many refined and processed foods actually increase the gas in your stomach. This can occur more often with an imbalanced digestive system.

Some foods like fruits and vegetables are harder to digest as they require more bacteria from your stomach to break down and this can lead to gas problems for some people. Belching is a common symptom of too much gas.

Some foods to avoid for gas reduction:

• Brussels sprouts
• Cauliflower
• Broccoli
• Beets
• Apples
• Beans
• Dried fruit
• Peaches

Foods that contain gluten

Avoid Gluten and foods that contain wheat. These foods are known for increasing gas. The protein in gluten is found in:

  • barley,
  • wheat,
  • rye.

Avoiding gluten altogether might be hard sometimes. This is due to the fact that Western diet includes a lot of foods that contain gluten. Consider a food journal as a way of keeping track properly of your gas food triggers.

Samples of gluten rich foods:

  • Pasta, Bread, Bulgur wheat
  • Cakes, Cookies
  • Ale
  • Crackers
  • Beer

Lactose intolerance

Some people have lactose intolerance and can’t ingest the protein casein in dairy products. People who eat a lot of dairy products might get bloating and gas afterwards. You can take lactose supplements to eliminate this problem. Consider replacing milk with rice milk.

#2 Reduce Soda Consumption

Try to reduce or even eliminate your soda consumption. This also includes alcoholic beverages such as lager and beer.

Beer is high in sugar and might be a contributor to gas for some people. So one of very effective ways on how to get rid of gas in stomach is to drink less sugary beverages.

#3 Herbal Therapies

For thousands of years people have used herbs to treat illnesses. One herb that is good for intestinal bloating and gas is peppermint tea, ginger tea or chamomile tea.

Peppermint tea; image source:

Peppermint plants are known for their smell and the menthol content. There are antispasmodic properties in menthol which can calm the digestive system. One way to calm indigestion is to have peppermint tea.

Peppermint tea isn’t recommended for those with acid reflux as it can irritate the esophageal sphincter which increases abdominal pain and heartburn issues.

#4 Friendly Bacteria Boost

Bacterial imbalances might cause problems in your stomach. When you have bad bacteria that outnumber good bacteria in your system you can have gas issues. Good bacteria are important for your system – they directly affect your digestion.

When you have a bad balance of these bacteria you can have problems such as diarrhea, intestinal infections, and increased gas as a result.

They key to a healthy digestion is not probiotics. We are told this but it’s actually prebiotics. We can stimulate the production of good bacteria by using prebiotics which are generally found in all foods that are rich in fiber.

Kiwi fruit is a good source of prebiotics (the skin of the fruit, the pulp and the seeds contain perbiotics). The skin of the fruit also has antioxidants and this can help stop pathogenic bacteria in your system. Not only that, the skin is also rich in flavonoids – potent antioxidants – that stop the spread of pathogenic bacteria.

#5 Exercise, physical activity, relaxation and eating habits

Walk around to move gas in the stomach that may cause the pain. Twist your body from side to side to squeeze stomach and release gas.

Stress and anxiety can cause your acid level to go up which can lead to gas pains. This is why some people have stomach pain or feel the need to pass gas when they are nervous or are faced with stressful situations. Relaxing is the best solution for this. Breathe deeply and slowly to calm yourself.

Eat slowly and chew food properly for good digestion. Eating fast can also cause acidic reaction because stomach may get overwhelmed with the amount of food taken in a short time.

Taking medicines

Taking over the counter medicines such as antacids and anti-gas is another way on how to get rid of gas pains and should be considered as a last resort.

These medicines may cause side effects. It’s best to try treating gas pains naturally before resorting to taking medicines.


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