Sugar Addiction: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Options

We’re suckers for sweets! We often give sugar to youngsters over vacations or after a job well done in school. Even we use sugar to treat ourselves after a challenging day or to commemorate a birthday or a significant achievement.

Sugar is added to coffee, baked into our favorite goodies, and spooned over our breakfast. It’s something we yearn for. However, are we hooked on it?

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Excess sugar may be as addictive as some street narcotics and have similar brain consequences. It is also one kind of eating disorder, so if you know someone who is addicted to sugar, take them to Ocean Recovery right away.

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Symptoms Of Sugar Addiction

When we eat a lot of sugar, our brain is flooded with dopamine. As time goes on, it takes more sugary items to receive the same pleasure, which is how cravings follow. Foods that raise blood sugar levels are proven to be physiologically addicting.

We know that processed foods make up 70% of the American diet since there are 600,000 of them on the market. Even 80% of these items include sugar that is concealed.

You may believe you’re safe, but sugar is a common element added by manufacturers to make dangerous products taste better. Sugar is hard to avoid in everything from yogurt to tomato sauce.

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Let’s look at the symptoms of sugar addiction here:

  • Sugar cravings force you to eat particular foods even when you are not hungry.
  • You use sugar as an excuse.
  • You’re concerned about reducing your intake of certain foods.
  • Overeating sugar has made you lazy or tired.
  • You make extra journeys to the grocery or coffee shop to fulfill your sweet desire.
  • You have health or social difficulties that affect school or your job due to your sugar-eating habits, yet you continue to eat the way you do despite the negative repercussions.
  • You treat yourself to something sugary and tasty to keep you motivated.
  • You’ve tried and failed to stop consuming sugar.
  • To feel pleasure or minimize unpleasant feelings, you need to eat more and more of the things you want.
  • You keep a hidden stash of sweets or gorge on sugar when you’re alone.


We’re dedicated to helping you get to the source of your health problems rather than just treating the symptoms.

Our mission is to assist you in understanding how your body works and to show you how to restore balance to it. This is why finding the common causes behind sugar addiction is essential.

Let’s take a look!

1: Dehydration

Sugar addictions are most commonly caused by dehydration. However, sugar cravings and hunger pangs are sometimes misinterpreted for lack of water intake.

The afternoon pick-me-up that so many people seek in the form of a granola bar, cookie, coffee, or sweet treat is usually an indication of dehydration, more than a sugar addiction.

The water shortage makes it more difficult for the body to digest glycogen. This is when our bodies seek sugar to supply us with a rapid source of energy when all we need is a little more water.

2: Stress

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We can’t discuss sugar addiction reasons without including stress. Sugar cravings are connected to stress in two ways: emotional and bodily indicators. First, sugar is a comfort meal that gives a momentary respite during a difficult circumstance from an emotional standpoint.

Sugar consumption boosts dopamine levels, the body’s a happy neurotransmitter, providing us a short spike in pleasure. However, because this sensation is fleeting, our bodies begin to need sugar again soon after.

Thus, it produces a vicious cycle in which stress triggers sugar cravings, and sugar intake triggers anxiety. The endless loop of stress that triggers other sugar cravings is indeed harmful.

3: Carbohydrates

Even healthy carbs may cause sugar addiction if consumed in excess. For example, most veggies include fibrous complex carbohydrates, which are unlikely to elicit sugar cravings due to their low sugar content.

Simple carbohydrates include meals like fruits and refined versions like sugar, candy, or soda, whereas starchy complex carbs include foods like potatoes, grains, lentils, and beans.

Thus, it’s clear how refined simple carbs may lead to sugar cravings. Still, many educated people are unaware that even healthy complex carbohydrates can be a reason for sugar addiction.

4: Digestion

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Your body isn’t a waste disposal system. Many individuals believe that they may eat anything they want and their digestive system would take care of the rest, but this is not the case. The microorganisms in our digestive tract form a fragile ecology.

Our body’s beneficial microbiome battles harmful bacteria invading the body every day, populated by a diet heavy in refined foods, processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. For example, a lack of helpful bacteria in the intestine can lead to excess yeast, which lives and thrives on sugar.

This indicates that your sugar addiction might be the result of an excess of harmful bacteria in your digestive tract, and every time you eat more sugar, you’re fuelling their urge.

Treatment Options

Did you know sugar addiction is one of the primary reasons for your increased belly fat? Therefore, if you want to fit into a pair of skinny jeans next summer, we think you should consider these treatment options to overcome sugar addiction.

1: Undergo A Sugar Detox

Experts advocate a sugar detox if you’re suffering from sugar addiction. You can arrange a complimentary appointment with one of the sugar detox experts to learn more about how to overcome your sweets addiction and the future of health care therapy to prevent relapse.

2: Say Goodbye To Morning Java Drink

That vanilla latte in the morning? It might include as much as 30 grams of sugar in it. The good news is that you don’t have to give up coffee entirely. Just leave out the syrups, gourmet frozen beverages, and, of course, the additional sugar packets to make it tasty before having it.

3: Stay Hydrated

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When it comes to staying hydrated, we recommend taking a 32-ounce water bottle with you. Fill it up twice a day, and you’ll meet all of your hydration requirements. If plain water doesn’t excite you, add fresh mint and lemon slices to make your own spa water and avoid sugar cravings.

4: Eat Protein

Did you know that the first thing you desire is sugar when you don’t get enough calories in your diet? This is why a lunch made up of lean protein and vegetables will keep your tummy full for longer. In addition, protein keeps you full by lowering ghrelin, so eat lots of protein to avoid sugary urges.

To Conclude

Here, we have enlisted all the possible symptoms, causes, and treatment options of sugar addiction. Once you look at the list, you may understand clearly why your body craves more sugar and how you can battle that urge. Of course, if you want to know anything else about it, you can always let us know in the comment box below. So, stay tuned with us.


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