Medicinal Marijuana vs Traditional Prescription Drugs

Please note: the use of Marijuana for medical or recreational purposes may be illegal in your country.

Medical marijuana is still a controversial topic for some and there is an ongoing debate about whether it is a better alternative to more traditional prescription drugs. The truth is it depends completely on the person and the type of symptoms you are trying to treat.

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To acquire medicinal marijuana from a dispensary you need to get a medical card – at these dispensaries, you can get professional advice about the benefits of cannabis. For your reference, here are six common arguments in favor of medical marijuana

1. It Has the Potential to Replace Harmful Opioids

It is possible that medical marijuana can be used to replace opioids in some cases. Cannabis can be a powerful pain reliever and there is even evidence that individuals could use it to help wean themselves off of opioids.

2. Fewer Adverse Side Effects

Medications like opioids have some more serious side effects as well as carrying the risk of addiction. Cannabis has a low potential for abuse in comparison to other drugs and fewer physical side effects like respiratory depression, which can be fatal.

3. It Can Benefit Senior Citizens in Numerous Ways

Marijuana is known to alleviate pain and inflammation, as well as help with sleep and anxiety, all of which can be hugely beneficial for senior citizens. There have also been studies to show that it can reduce pressure in the eyes caused by glaucoma, thus potentially saving people’s eyesight.

Alzheimer’s disease can also be slowed down through the use of marijuana because it blocks enzymes in the brain that produce harmful plaques which destroy brain cells.

4. It’s Easy to Tailor the Dose

There are countless different ways to consume cannabis with hundreds of strains to choose from. Staff at dispensaries can help point patients in the right direction with regards to choosing a strain with the right strength for you as well as advising on consumption methods like smoking, edibles or even drinking cannabis coffee. Prescription medication usually takes a one-size-fits-all approach and pills typically contain a set amount making them less tailored to the individual.

5. There Are Many Ways to Take Cannabis

As stated already, cannabis can be taken in a variety of different ways, for example, edibles, vapes, smoking, inhalers, sprays, topicals, ointments, and more. And the range of options is ever-expanding, meaning the consumer has more choice than ever. You can even make your own cannabis oil for cooking.

Traditional pharmaceuticals offer just one or two consumption methods meaning you are very limited in how you can take these drugs. Cannabis is a more patient-focused experience in which the consumer can choose what works best for them.

6. It is a Personalized Experience Where You Have a Say

Doctors give the same drugs and instructions to every patient whereas using marijuana is a much more personalized experience.  You can choose how and when you take cannabis, you can pick strains and strengths yourself (under the advisement of staff) and pick a process that is most suited to you. For this reason, many have found that medical marijuana to be a more effective option in treating their symptoms.


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