Coping with Paralysis Caused by A Head-on Collision

Daily, car accidents happen with traumatic injuries as an outcome in many cases. Many of the severe injuries are related to brain trauma and complete paralysis. Head-on collision accidents have enough impact and force to puncture or fracture the skull. The blow to the head causes a disconnect in communication between the brain and upper muscles, causing what we know as paralysis in those muscles.

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After a huge accident, several things will change in your life, like coping with a severe injury, legal implications between you and the other driver involved, and having a qualified car accident attorney will be a big advantage. The biggest challenge is coping with paralysis, and having a good coping mechanism is essential, for a good quality of life and inner peace.

Take Time to Grieve

Taking proper grieving steps is crucial, and most people living with paralysis may have missed the stages of grieving, which include denial, anger, sadness, bargaining, and sadness. You may find that at some point during the steps, you are stuck in one such as anger or sadness. Before you can reach bargaining or acceptance, you may need to take the necessary time before you can move on to the next stage.

Have a Regular Routine

Getting into a new routine may take a bit of time. However, once you get the hang of it and do it consistently, it becomes the new norm, feeling more ordinary. Doing things may not be the same as you did them before, but once you have a working system in place, it gets easier. From your morning routine when getting out of bed, how you get ready, and your activities during the day.

Be Patient with Yourself and Others

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It may be taking longer and frustrating to accept living with paralysis, but you have to be patient with yourself. Nobody can dictate or rush you through the grieving stages; however, you have to let yourself go through the emotions at your own pace. Sometimes you’ll come across people who are non-disabled and don’t understand the challenges you have to face. When you are constantly upset at people who mistreat you for their lack of knowledge, that will hinder you from enjoying your life and affect how you deal with people.

Accept Help When You Need It

There will be days when you can’t do things you usually do for yourself, or you don’t have enough energy, and when this happens, you need to be willing to accept help from those who can. Some people will shy away from assisting you with things you can accomplish on your own, to avoid offending you. However, some may be ignorant and genuinely kind that they offer their assistance with something within your capabilities. The right to accept or deny help is absolutely up to you, but don’t let pride cloud your decision when you need help the most.

Positive Mindset

Keeping a positive mindset is a great coping mechanism each day. Meditating and praying on all the things you are blessed with is one way to keep a positive attitude, which gives you hope and faith for the future of your life and loved ones. Despite all the limitations you may be facing, reflecting on all the things you may still be able to do and accomplish gives you something to look forward to.





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