How to Deal with Pain After Knee Surgery

Knee surgery is not a minor procedure by any means. In many cases, it takes months to fully heal, and that lengthy recovery process can be quite uncomfortable as well.

While your doctor may have you on a special regimen of physical therapy and medications to assist you, there are some other tools and techniques that can contribute to a more comfortable journey back to 100%.

Young woman having knee pain
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Let’s look at a few ways to deal with pain following knee surgery and offer some tips to help.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Upon returning home from surgery, and for the first few weeks thereafter, relaxation is your number one priority.

This means setting up a stress-free oasis in your home where you can focus purely on restoring your energy and healing up your knee to the fullest.

Make sure you have everything you need within reach, including snacks, fresh water, and any other comforts that will help you through that tricky first phase of recovery. Line up some books you’ve been waiting to read or fire up a new TV series.

Also, remember to keep that humidifier plugged in so you can regulate the moisture levels in your environment as you get back to full health. If humidity isn’t controlled, you may invite a cold or a worse type of infection at this inopportune time.

This is a great time to test out some essential oils as well. Experiment with lavender, peppermint, or any other oil that is appealing to your senses. This can help you stay more alert during the day, or calm down in the evening when it’s time for bed.

There’s no perfect equation for comfort – but do as much as you can to optimize your environment for a quick recovery.

Cushions for Every Occasion

As you start moving around and putting more pressure on your knee, you’ll find that everyday positions are not as comfortable as they once were.

Sitting down at the kitchen table may cause you to put more pressure on your hips or spine, while laying down in bed could place your knees at an odd angle and lead to problems falling asleep. It’s important that you have the right tools to support you in every situation.

Memory foam cushions will be your greatest asset in you overcome knee surgery pain, since it provides the most dynamic and effective support available for any area of the body.

Have a complete set of memory foam cushions and accessories ready to go before you enter surgery, including a lumbar support pillow, a seat cushion for your office chair, and a knee pillow that helps you sleep more comfortably on your side at night.

If you’ll be in a wheelchair for a while, upgrade the seat cushion with something far more comfortable and supportive.

Look for genuine gel-infused and memory foam products that respond to heat and pressure. The best quality materials will contour to your body with time and provide an unmatched level of support as you heal up.

Commit to a Healthier Lifestyle

It can take some time to fully heal following knee surgery, but the procedure has a high rate of success and you’ll have your strength back before you know it.

Take this opportunity to reset your health from top to bottom, choosing to eat healthier foods, spend more time in nature, and look after your mental and emotional well being, too.

Rather than viewing surgery as a permanent setback, see it as a chance to start fresh with smart and healthy habits that will keep you strong and resilient for many years to come!


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