Should you Consider Proactiv’s Acne Treatment Products – an Objective Look

The war on acne is getting easier, thanks to several medical and scientific breakthroughs. And while there is no ultimate cure yet, there are different treatments you can use to control the condition.

One company that provides acne treatment products is Proactiv. They feature a range of different topical treatments, and this specific comparison is going to be between Proactiv MD and Proactiv Plus. Which one is the better choice?

The best way to reach any type of conclusion is to look at them separately. In other words, you need to look at the elements they share and what makes them different, given that they come from the same company.

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The Basics Of Proactiv MD

According to Ashley’s review, Proactiv MD is the acne treatment that came first, and up to know it has shown great capability in terms of controlling acne. This is based on the special ingredient, namely Adapalene. In fact, Proactiv MD was one of the first products to contain Adapalene and didn’t require a prescription.

According to several clinical studies, Adapalene is shown to be very effective for treating acne, but it’s not just this special ingredient that forms part of the Proactiv MD package.

At the same time, this acne treatment includes sun protection, which is not something you typically find.

In terms of how you apply Proactiv MD, it’s a 4-step process.

  1. Face Wash: The face wash is primarily for opening up pores, which is more effective due to the tiny beads.
  1. Toner: This helps to bring the PH balance back to your skin tone.
  1. Moisturizer: This step involves the sun protection mentioned earlier (SPF30) as well as elements to control an oily skin.
  1. Adapalene Gel: The last step sees you using the primary ingredient for keeping acne away.

So far, quite a lot of people have tried Proactiv MD and they seem quite happy with the results. However, it’s not a perfect product with a 100% success rate.

There are individuals who said it left their skin too dry, while others simply didn’t see a change.

The Basics Of Proactiv Plus

Proactiv Plus was developed after the MD alternative made a relatively big impact, mainly to address one specific issue – skin dryness. So, the product was working, but it needed to be tweaked for people with milder cases.

This led to Proactiv Plus seeing the light, and while it doesn’t offer sun protection, it contains what the developers call a Smart Target element. And the purpose of this Smart Target element is to prevent excessive dryness while using an acne treatment.

Proactiv Plus is a 3-step process that consists of:

  1. Exfoliator: You wash your face with the exfoliator, which contains Benzoyl Peroxide and glycolic acid.
  1. Smart Target: The second steps involves applying the topical cream that goes straight to the problem under your skin.
  1. Complexion Hydrator: You finish the process with hydration to keep your skin healthy. Also, the last step aims to cover marks left by acne.

While Proactiv Plus has solved the issue of excessive skin dryness for many people, it hasn’t done the trick for everyone. It should also be noted that it won’t be effective for severe cases.

But overall, Proactiv Plus has gained a few followers since it’s been out on the market and most of the reviews lean towards the positive.

Proactiv Credibility

If you are wondering whether the Proactiv company has any credibility to back up their products and claims, the company belongs to two dermatologists who dealt with this problem on a daily basis.

Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields are prominent names in the field of dermatology, and they are responsible for the results you get with the Proactiv brand.

Is Proactiv MD Better Than Proactiv Plus?

When it comes down to it, it all depends on your situation. If you have a severe case of acne, you should probably try Proactiv MD first, given it’s a little more potent. However, look out for excessive dryness, which is a possibility.

If your acne is mild, try a gentler approach and go with Proactiv Plus. The risk of excessive dryness is less and the treatment is still effective.

Naturally, there are going to be people who won’t find any satisfaction in either of these products. But acne isn’t just triggered by a single source, and skin types differ. So, you’ll only know if a treatment is effective if you try it.


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