What to Do If an Elderly Relative is a Fall Risk

Elderly relatives can be at risk of falling, especially if they live alone or have mobility issues.

If you know that your elderly relative is at risk for falls, then there are some things you can do to help them stay safe. Studies show an increase in fatal injuries among seniors over the age of 65, with the majority due to falls.

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Let’s explore a few things you need to do if an elderly relative is a fall risk in the home.

Educate Yourself about Elderly Falls

The first step is to educate yourself about elderly falls. This will help you understand why they happen and how you can prevent them from happening in the first place.

You can find a lot of helpful information online from trusted sources. Try looking at sites such as the Mayo Clinic and the Centers for Disease Control. These sites contain a lot of useful information, but you should always consult your doctor if you’re concerned about your elderly relative’s health or safety.

Install Assistive Devices

If your elderly relative has difficulty getting around, you may want to install some assistive devices in their home. This can include grab bars in the bathroom, a wheelchair ramp, and a raised toilet seat.

One device in particular that you should consider installing would be medical alert systems. These systems send alerts when the button or device has been activated after an incident, such as after a fall. They are available as stationary buttons or cords, but there are some alert devices that are portable.

Having a medical alert device of some kind can help you check on them and find the best way to help them.

Use Rugs to Prevent Falls

Another way to prevent falls among seniors is to use a rug. A rug can help a person maintain their balance and avoid a fall. You can also use a rug to slow down a person as they walk. This can help them adjust to any changes in flooring.

For example, you can use a rug to slow down a person when they walk from a tile floor to a hardwood or tile floor. Also, a rug can slow down a person when they walk from a rug to a tile floor.

It is also essential to keep the floor clear of anything that may cause them to trip or slip. If they need a walker, then you need to make sure their path is clear; make sure any rugs are flat and won’t get caught by feet or walkers.

Your relative may also find it helpful to use backless slippers or shoes for elderly relatives that have a hard time balancing. These slippers won’t slip on the floor and can help them maintain balance.

Always be Alert for Falls

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Many people assume that elderly relatives can’t fall, but this isn’t the case. They may be more at risk of falling, but this means that you should be more vigilant.

If you are concerned about their safety, then you should never leave them alone for long periods of time. You should also check on them regularly and make sure they are not suffering from any injuries after a fall.

Make sure that they can get up on their own and that they don’t need any assistance if they do fall, and get them medical attention. A doctor can examine them and make sure they are not suffering from any injuries.

Be Careful About Moving

Elderly falls can happen even when you are moving them from one place to another. This is why it’s important to move them slowly and carefully. You should always use a wheelchair or other device to help them move.

It’s better to use a wheelchair even if they are just moving a few feet. This is because you are able to move them with more control and it limits the chances of them tripping or falling.

Ensure different rooms have been kitted out with any additional help required; an example of this would be the bathroom. A shower or a bath can be one of the leading fall risk areas. Simply adding a nonslip mat or hand rails could prevent a fall from happening.

To Sum Up

In this article, we discussed the importance of preventing falls in elderly relatives. Falls can be very serious, especially for older people. If they suffer a fall, then you should take them to a doctor right away.

Their doctor will examine them and make sure they are not suffering from any injuries. It’s also important to get them to a doctor if they have already fallen and you are concerned about them.

You can also take steps to prevent falls, as previously mentioned. This can include educating yourself about falls, installing assistive devices, and keeping the home safe.

Take the time to do these things and your elder relative should be able to stay injury free.


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