10 Things to Know When Considering Giving Your Kids CBD

Please note: the use of cannabis for medical or recreational purposes may be illegal in your country. Healthiack.com does not encourage the use of this substance.

Did you know an increasing number of children are receiving CBD from their parents?

CBD products often raise a few eyebrows but giving CBD to your children is perfectly safe. It’s not like marijuana, even though it’s often derived from the same plant.

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You’ll find plenty of products for kids, including fun CBD gummies for kids. There are lots of things to take into account when considering giving your kids CBD.

Here are the things you need to know.

1. CBD is Not THC

If you’re a parent who’s never used CBD products before, you may think its simply marijuana. But THC is the compound within marijuana that causes people to feel high and stoned. CBD is the compound that forces you to relax.

A genuine CBD product is not going to cause your child to get high. These compounds are two different things.

It’s also important to mention that THC products are illegal at the Federal level. Only a certain number of states allow THC products to be sold.

2.  Always Use CBD Isolate

Gummies labeled as ‘CBD isolate’ are always guaranteed to have nothing but CBD inside. The risk of parents accidentally giving their kids THC is eliminated.

Although most CBD products labeled as ‘broad-spectrum’ may have little to no THC in them, there’s always a risk. And children are far more sensitive to THC than an adult, who may not notice anything when they ingest small amounts of THC.

Since most CBD is harvested from marijuana plants, rather than hemp, it’s better to be on the safe side by opting for CBD isolate.

3. CBD Oil Can Change Your Life

There are 470,000 children with epilepsy in the US today. Any parent knows how tough it can be to have to handle daily seizures.

CBD can literally change the lives of both parents and children everywhere. Despite the fact the Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA) doesn’t endorse many different drugs that include CBD, they do include some medications. One of these is a drug aimed at preventing seizures in those with epilepsy.

Giving CBD oil to your children can enable them to overcome their seizures, and CBD gummies can help them manage throughout the day.

4.You Can Mix It Into their Food

Children don’t always take joy in taking medicine. If you find that your child struggles to take CBD oil, CBD gummies are a great alternative.

Another option you have is to sprinkle some CBD oil into their food. It won’t change the taste of the food, so they won’t think they’re taking medicine.

Do be aware that CBD’s boiling point is around 320. If you cook food with CBD above this temperature, you may have problems getting the full benefit.

If you’re struggling to find the right recipes, there are plenty of recipes online designed specifically for when you want to include CBD.

5. CBD Can Prevent Outbursts

It’s not uncommon for children to have extreme emotions. With CBD, you can help them to calm down and reduce their anxieties.

The fact is that a lot of children have problems because they’re anxious about something or because they’re simply unable to express their emotions.

Studies have proven that CBD has a big impact on anxiety. If your child is regularly experiencing problems with their temper, a little CBD could be the answer.

6. Be Careful with Dosages

Although it’s impossible to actually overdose from CBD, there can be some side effects if you take too much. These are not particularly problematic, with most boiling down to fatigue and nausea, but giving your child the wrong dosage still should be avoided.

Never try to give your child an adult dosage. Consider how much CBD you would take and cut it in half for your child and see how they react.

You can always increase the dosage little by little over time until your child gets the full benefits of CBD.

7. Buy Kid Branded Products

You’ll notice that some stores offer a selection of CBD products for both kids and adults. It’s highly recommended that you buy the kid branded products.

These are aimed at children and may contain cartoon characters, as well as lower levels of CBD. Adult products may be too strong for your kids to handle, so you should avoid them if you can.

8. More Research is Needed

There are strong scientific studies confirming the benefits of CBD. Do remember that CBD research is still a work in process, though.

To date, there have been no specific studies on how CBD impacts children when compared to adults. CBD is still safe for children, but you should be aware of the lack of research before giving your children CBD.

9. Do Your Research Carefully

If you’ve tried to find a vendor through Google, you’ll see there are hundreds of CBD sellers across America. This can lead to problems with figuring out who is the best retailer for you.

Finding the right retailer is a matter of research. Take your time finding the best retailer by asking CBD users what they think of different products and vendors. This will help you to figure out which vendor parents are using for their kids’ CBD.

10.  It’s All Natural

Parents are rightly concerned about what goes into their kids’ bodies. CBD products are completely natural because it’s harvested from both hemp and marijuana, which are two naturally occurring substances.

No matter what CBD product you use, you can rest assured that what’s going into their bodies is natural.

Final Thoughts: Is CBD A Good Fit For Your Kids?

There’s no doubt that it’s a big decision to give your children CBD for the first time. Weigh the pros and cons and decide whether your child can benefit from it.

You can always try out a small amount and see how it affects them before deciding to go further with it.

Give it a try and purchase some CBD gummies first. See how they like it and how their behavior changes.

Are you thinking about giving your children CBD?

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