Tossing and turning all night? Here is what you can do to prevent it

It happens to the best of us sometimes: you go to bed tired, being sure you are going to fall asleep in less than two minutes, but you end up spending hours tossing and turning because you simply can’t fall asleep. When the same thing keeps happening night after night, it can become frustrating, not to mention disruptive and unhealthy.

There are many things that make us toss and turn at night, including anxiety, overstimulation or a poor sleeping schedule. If you want to prevent this from happening, you need to find out what causes your feeling of restlessness. Keep reading as we will explore some of the most common reasons for tossing and turning all night, as well as what you can do to make it stop.

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What can cause us to feel restless?

Each person is different and thus, there are many reasons that can keep us awake at night. Some of these reasons may suggest an underlying medical condition, while others simply have to do with how stressful everyday life can be. Here are some of the causes:

  • You are too anxious: you don’t need to have an anxiety disorder to feel anxious and unable to fall asleep. If your mind is racing unstoppably, then your body will start feeling anxious as well.
  • Stress: stress can result in both physical and mental symptoms, both of which can make it hard for you to fall asleep.
  • Overstimulation: loud noises, bright lights and electronic devices that emit blue light can delay melatonin, which is known as the sleep hormone.

What can I do to stop tossing and turning?

Having a restless night every once in a while does not cause much harm, but if you frequently toss and turn at night, then you need to do something about your sleep routine. Here is what you can to do sleep better:

  • Maximize comfort: a comfortable bedroom is the first step towards a good sleep. Purchase a high-quality bedding, make sure your pillows support your neck as they should, and invest in a safe foam mattress, to sleep like royalty.
  • Relaxation techniques: meditation, visualizing and deep breathing are just a few of the relaxation techniques you can try before going to be. They are shows to help relieve anxious feelings, stress and restlessness, leaving you ready to sleep like a baby.
  • Exercise during the day: regular exercise has a proven positive effect over your sleeping habits. If you feel you can’t sleep because you have too much energy in the evening, try being more active during the day.
  • Follow a sleep schedule: if you don’t train your mind and body to fall asleep when they need to, you will find yourself wide awake in bed all night. Try your best to wake up and go to sleep at roughly the same hours, and your body will soon adapt to the schedule.
  • Turn off electronics: try not to use your electronic devices for at least 30 minutes before going to sleep, to avoid overstimulation. Read a book, drink some tea, take a bath or do something to help you relax, without the need to stare into a screen all evening.


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