Meanwhile in Silicon Valley, people are using Smart Drugs more than ever

Silicon Valley is often regarded as the home of the pursuit of personal perfection and entrepreneurial vision. It is the place where you are guaranteed to find some of the smartest people in the world working hard on new and exciting ventures.

From people who have built startups from scratch and moved them through to $600M value to people who are making vital day-to-day decisions at the head of multibillion dollar conglomerates, Silicon Valley has it all.

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When you open up the lid you see that many of these business leaders have different tools that help them achieve the level of perfection they crave, or at least get very close to it.

Performance enhancing smart drug

One such tool is the performance enhancing smart drug Modafinil. This smart drug is a handy biohacker tool that has helped many of these Silicon Valley Execs to actualize their goals.

What does it actually do?

Modafinil isn’t going to automatically transform you from an average Joe to an alien like genius in the mould of Michael Scofield, but it can supercharge your brain and help you dig deeper into your abilities.

Modafinil improves:

  • Motivation
  • Reaction time
  • Vigilance
  • Fatigue levels

This smart drug is not like other college studying tricks we’ve all come across at one point or the other. University of Cambridge recently published a study that shows you can reduce impulse response by using Modafinil. Impulse response leads to bad decisions and in Silicon Valley, a single bad decision could see you out on the streets in days!

Real life applications

Modafinil has helped Silicon Valley executives and other users in the following ways:

  • Dealing with writer’s block
  • Enjoy an extra dose of energy whenever it is needed without resorting to a holiday
  • Helped them see connections and make better business decisions
  • Improve analytical ability

Modafinil is not without side effects. However, they are negligible. Firstly, it is not addictive but some people have been guilty of using it to keep working for too long, leading to biological complications.

If you respect your body’s natural biological limits, you won’t have any issues on this front.

Secondly, individuals who have genetic susceptibility to Stevens – Johnson syndrome are at risk of triggering the condition when they use Modafinil.

The condition is very rare as there are 5 cases per million people; but when it sets in, the individual comes down with a life threatening rash. Apart from Modafinil, the condition can be triggered by cocaine, phenytoin, cough and cold medications, analgesics and antibiotics.

Therefore, a genetic test isn’t out of place if you intend to use Modafinil or other drugs mentioned above even though the risk is very low.

When used appropriately Modafinil can help just about anyone improve their excellence in their fields of endeavor. Fortunately, it is not for Silicon Valley executives alone.

From students to athletes to middle managers, there is no limit on who can benefit from the use of Modafinil.

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