Six Helpful Resources For Those Affected By HIV

Getting diagnosed with HIV can feel like the biggest news of your life.  Many people feel alone, lost when they find out they have this illness.

Fortunately, that’s not the case.  Here are some resources everyone affected by HIV should seek out for their physical and mental health to flourish.

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1 – Answers for Your Questions

A lot of questions may come to mind when it comes to HIV. There are a lot of misconceptions about HIV and the people living with it, and you must get information from the right sources.

The CDC has a “Let’s Stop HIV Together” video that helps dispel some rumors and worries.  They also have an informational guide on the stigma itself.

2 – Where To Find Insurance

The USA healthcare marketplace offers free access to many insurance carrier listings so you can compare prices and find the best fit for you. Depending on your financial situation, you may be able to get a large percentage off of your monthly insurance payment.

3 – Help With Your Body

The symptoms may be hard to deal with since this illness attacks your immune system; it can leave people feeling weak and exhausted. It can make a simple cold turn life-threatening. The Saint Hope Foundation offers a lot of information on how to live with HIV, and not let the symptoms consume your life.

4 – Help With Your Mind

HIV has the horrible ability to shake people to their core. It can make you feel lost, alone, and hopeless. Depression and anxiety run rampant with people with HIV, and it can lead them into a downward spiral.

The diagnosis isn’t the end of your life, though. Unfortunately, just hearing that doesn’t cure the anxiety and depression that comes with the illness. You can find help through your insurance, many offer everything from virtual therapy calls, to in-person group meetings.

5 – Financial Worries

The test, the prescriptions, and the stress can put a lot of people under financial pressure.  The Harborpath organization offers help for people needing housing after being diagnosed.

There are also organizations to help with prescriptions and employment. You don’t have to lose your future because of a diagnosis; there’s still so much ahead.

6 – Legal Help

A problem many people with HIV find is that people treat them differently the moment they know. In a better world, this wouldn’t be a problem.  But for HIV management in Scranton, PA, many people find they need a lawyer to help them.  If you get evicted, fired, or put in danger because of your diagnosis, you’re having your rights violated.

People with a new diagnosis have enough trouble on their shoulders. They don’t need the pain of having to keep up with people being cruel.

Don’t let this diagnosis ruin your life. There are options out there for anyone affected by HIV, from mental health to keeping you physically safe in a home. You deserve the chance to get to live your life how you’ve always dreamed it, regardless of your diagnosis.

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