Safety Tips for Injecting Botox

People love the idea of getting back to grassroots and the idea of Do It Yourself Projects. People started growing their own vegetable gardens, sewing their own prom dresses, and building their own lawn furniture with helpful hints from YouTube, Pinterest, and Google.

But when is enough too much?

DIY laser treatments and box injectables

Products like DIY laser treatments and box injectables have hit the online stores! When a doctor has completed numerous post-secondary degrees along with residencies and continuing education credits to be able to legally offer therapies such as cosmetic fillers and Botox treatments, when does it sound like a good idea to try it yourself from a how-to video?

botox injection
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Safety Tip #1:
Get medical procedures done by a board certified professional. Though the price may seem appealing, the side effects and risks outweigh the rewards. Your health care professional will use only FDA approved botulinum toxin type A and should be able to provide proof of medical ingredients which brings us to…

Safety Tip #2
Know what you are being injected with! If you are purchasing it yourself, there is little chance that you know what to look for in the list of additives. A common problem which raises a red-flag is product lists not featured in your native tongue.

If you are purchasing the product for North America, the information should read in English (and secondary languages). You never know what may be hiding in foreign ingredients if you can’t even read through them.

This goes for what is used at your doctor’s office as well. They should be able to show you the vial with the information printed clearly and in English. Failure to show you upon asking, suggests they have something to hide!

Safety Tip #3
Get your cosmetic injectables prescribed by a professional! You may decide you need work done, but you may not be a suitable candidate.

Make sure to visit with your surgeon and get an evaluation and prescription before going ahead with any work at all!

Safety Tip #4
Beware of bargain basement prices. If your physician’s office is trying to unload product at low prices, it’s best to find out why! Haven’t there been side effects linked with this particular item?

Has the batch expired or gone bad? Were they obtained illegally? Are they counterfeit or unapproved? ASK!

And finally…

Safety tip #5
Know the risks associated with your procedure! Even if the product is bonafied, the doctor has got aesthetic injectable training and is certified, and you are a candidate for injection—there are still risks involved!

Make sure your doctor carefully explains the pros and cons of any procedure so you can make an informed decision. It’s your body; it’s your health, so take precautions to make sure you are safe!


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