5 Severe Injuries That Are Common In Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are substantially more dangerous than cars as they are less stable and provide less protection during an accident. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are also 26 times more likely to endure fatal injuries during a collision. Furthermore, motorcycle accidents are also quite prominent.

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While wearing protective safety gear and following safe riding tips, you can reduce your chances of being involved in a collision. Unfortunately, with that said, these are the most common severe injuries associated with motorcycle accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries can be minor concussions to penetrating brain injuries, open head wounds, fractures, and contusions.

According to statistics, a high 15 percent of helmeted riders endure traumatic brain injury during collisions. A much higher 26 percent of unhelmeted riders also sustain this type of severe injury. Therefore, a Fort Lauderdale brain injury attorney is the best type of attorney to rely on if you have suffered a TBI after a motorcycle accident. Traumatic brain injuries can be fatal, and in less severe cases, patients can be left paralyzed temporarily or permanently.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are typical of the impact of a motorcycle collision, and the effects of this injury can be devastating. Victims can be left permanently paralyzed after enduring damage to spinal cord vertebrae, ligaments, or disks. In less severe cases, victims that endure spinal cord injuries can experience a lifetime of back pain paired with mobility issues.

Internal Injury

Internal injuries can be extremely dangerous, and internal bleeding is the most common. However, damage to internal organs is also prominent in motorcycle accident victims.

These injuries can be fatal, and they are caused by blunt force trauma that does not penetrate the skin. For this reason, many times, internal injuries are hidden, and the victim may even experience no pain immediately due to adrenaline.

Leg Injury And Bone Fracture

Image source: pexels.com

Leg injuries and bone fractures are the less severe injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, although these injuries can still be life-changing. Leg amputation is not uncommon, and leg injuries and bone fractures can also lead to paralysis in severe cases if the nerves are damaged beyond repair. However, arm and wrist fractures and injuries are also common, and they can be severe depending on the specifics of the collision.

It is always crucial to wear suitable protective gear when riding a motorcycle, even if you are not traveling long distances. Unfortunately, any collision on a bike is more severe simply because you do not have the encased protection offered by a car. While you should have a quality helmet that fits well, a durable motorcycle jacket, gloves, and motorcycle boots that have reinforcement inserts at the ankles and toes, you should also consider advanced riding courses that will teach you how to best react on the roads during hazardous situations. What’s more, you can also have your motorcycle fitted with an ABS braking system, stability control, and traction control to reduce your risk of an accident further.



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