Dr. Ed Picardi’s Work Saving Lives in Liberia

A well respected and man of faith from South Dakota has traveled to Africa to practice medicine and help save the lives of those living in Liberia. Below is an update after three weeks in Africa working for those who need it most.

“Dear friends and colleagues,

Just finishing up my third week here in Liberia. The heavy rains are sporadic enough so as not to interfere with going back and forth to the hospital. The rains definitely do not help cool things down. The humidity remains quite high so that sweat does not evaporate nor help cool one down.  I try to drink water whenever possible.

I am very pleased to tell you that the neonate with tetanus is doing well and has resumed breast feeding.  Breast feeding is big here and unless the mother dies giving birth, which does sometimes happens here, the baby is breast fed.

We heard about the Catholic priest infected with Ebola in the Congo. The big question mark is whether Ebola has reached the major city with over 1 million persons. Superstition and distrust in the government is hampering efforts. Missionaries who were here during the Ebola outbreak in 2014 feel this is eerily similar to back then.  A big difference is that there is a vaccine albeit experimental.

The sunsets are lovely but I often don’t get back in time to session them. It would be more lovely if Sandy were here to share them with me.

I have seen a significant number of young males with Perforated stomach ulcers. In the USA thanks to tagamet, zantac and prilosec stomach ulcer perforations are rather rare.

I will soon be leaving here heading briefly back to the USA to pick up operating room supplies which the ethicon company donated. Then in 2 weeks, this time with Sandy, we return to Togo, Africa to continue the medical missionary.

I have attached a nice photo and a not so nice photo of a patient with an advanced cancer.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, and your support.


Edward J.S Picardi, M.D. “

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