What Can You Expect from Retired Life in Colorado?

Retiring in Colorado offers a lot of fun and excitement that you can’t find retiring anywhere else.  From the incredible views, longer life expectancy, and amazing locals- to the large difference from city to city, this is a state you’ll fall in love with time and time again.

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If you’re new to Colorado and want to try something new and exciting in retirement: these are all of the things you can look forward to while you’re here!

Longer Life Expectancy

The average person in Colorado has a two-year longer life expectancy than the national average!  Two years is a long time to enjoy beautiful views, endless entertainment, and the company of those you love.  This depends on the area you’re in, of course, if the altitudes get too high and you aren’t used to it, you may be putting your health at risk. In that case it might be better to start in Denver apartments, which aren’t too high from sea level.

Cleaner Air and Water

The air you breathe, and the water you drink will affect your quality of life.  Thankfully, Colorado is known for having cleaner air and water than the national average!  This means that those who live here get to enjoy the benefits of trusting the air that comes from their faucets and knowing that the air they breathe will be mostly free of pollutants.  Although this can often make a much larger impact on life quality when someone is young, when you’re older, it can help keep you from exacerbating issues worse.

Expensive Housing and Living

Colorado is often ranked within the ten most expensive states in the country.  It has a 33% higher cost of living than almost any state and can be difficult for retirees who cannot save this much.  Over fifty percent of retirees have less than twenty-five thousand dollars per year to spend, but an average year in Colorado for retirees can often cost double that. So if you want to retire in this beautiful state, you’ll need to save up for it.

Fantastic Views All-Around

Image source: pexels.com

Regardless of what part of the state you’re in, Colorado is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  From babbling brooks and streams to fantastic mountain and cliff views, you’ll be swept off your feet by your surroundings.  This state has massive national parks made of forests and beautiful groves, and although this state can get dry, it’s worth it for how beautiful the sky and nature are here.

More to Do and See Outdoors

There’s more to experience with the outdoors than just how it looks!  Not only are the outdoors breathtaking, but they offer fun outings like rock climbing, hiking, bird watching, white river rafting, and tons of other activities that will keep you feeling young and excited. Of course, the cities also have tons to do, but getting away into nature will offer you the best experience of the city, and will make it clear why people are so quick to move out here and start a new life in the most interesting state in the USA!


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